Winter Glamping Holidays

Staycations are taking over from the traditional ‘going abroad’ family holiday; this has led to a rise in popularity of glamping North Wales. Staycations give you the chance to explore somewhere a little closer to home, finding new and exciting places you hadn’t even heard of before. For those with some reservations, glamping North Wales is definitely a set-up from those plain-old camping holidays you were probably taken on as a child.

Glamorous camping, or glamping as it is more popularly known as; incorporates all the best bits from a camping holiday whilst giving you a few hints of luxury and creature comforts. Glamping accommodation can range from a treehouse, yurt, teepee or even a shepherd’s hut. It is a unique and exciting experience which will be unlike any previous holiday you’ve been on before.

For many people who champion glamping, it is the ultimate way to escape the hustle and bustle of modern life and enables them to regain their touch with nature in a way that is still a little bit more modern. Glamping is also a hugely popular choice for those who want to go camping without the hassle! Winter holidays don’t just have to include going skiing or escaping to the tropics for some sun – glamping is the perfect way to get away from it all whilst still having a wonderful holiday.

Winter glamping holidays can be the best way to relax and recharge, but here are a few important things to check out before you book.

Check the Heating

Traditional holidays usually involve packing endless pairs of shorts and flip flops; for a winter glamping holiday this is going to be slightly different. Even if you arrive at your accommodation in the afternoon when it is beautifully sunny and quite mild, as soon as the sun sets the temperature will drop quickly. This is why it is essential that one of the first things you do, before and when you arrive, is to check the heating arrangements for your chosen spot.

Most glamping locations will supply you with some form of heat for your stay, but it’s important to check what kind of heating it is. Some might have modern equipment that looks after itself, and some might have a wood burning stove that is going to require some maintenance from you.

Bring Suitable Clothing

Just because you associate holidays with going somewhere warm doesn’t mean that at some point on a winter glamping holiday be crying for a big wooly jumper to snuggle up in! Be wary of the weather, and pack accordingly for your trip. Don’t be afraid to bring your wellies, you’ll be grateful for them in the end!

It is also worth double checking what is included as standard for your trip, whether you need to bring your own towels or if they are being provided for you. Find out before you begin packing to avoid any unwanted stressful trips to the supermarket.

Check the Local Attractions

While a glamping holiday is an excellent way to unwind and detach yourself from the modern world for a few days, if you have a more extended stay then it might be worth looking into some local activities. A lot of glamping locations are situated near tourist hotspots that are at their peak in the summer months; so you might find that some attractions aren’t open as frequently when you visit in the winter. Do some research before you arrive and plan out some activities for your stay.