Why Plan The Liwa Overnight Desert Safari

A trip to Arab, and coming back without taking the experience of desert safari, makes absolutely no sense. If you are going to Arab, and specially Abu Dhabi, then you must not miss the opportunity to take the desert safari. One of the most famous, highly popular, and really cherished activities in Abu Dhabi is the Liwa overnight desert safari. People who have already done this would always cherish its memory and tell others about it. People who have not done this would repent on it surely. And if you are planning your tour to Abu Dhabi now, then you must not miss this chance actually.

What is the Liwa overnight desert safari all about?

The Liwa overnight desert safari is famous for offering a multitude of experiences in the famous Liwa oasis in the Arabian Desert. Located at the Southern part of Abu Dhabi, and bordering the KSA, is the world famous Liwa oasis which is surrounded by Palm Trees. Safari of the sand dunes around this oasis comprises of the desert safari. Tourists are made to experience the following:

  • Sand bashing through the sand dunes
  • A whole day of desert exploring
  • Chance to see the natural habitat in the desert which includes unique Arabian desert flora and fauna
  • Bonfire with camping amidst the desert in the lap of Mother Nature
  • Barbeque dinner with gala arrangement of refreshments
  • Sleeping under the stars totally in the middle of the desert
  • Sunset and sunrise viewing in the desert

Altogether all these experiences makes for an awesome desert tour, which makes this tour a very special one, and a must try at Abu Dhabi.

Who can do this safari tour?

Anyone coming to Abu Dhabi can go for the Liwa overnight desert safari. This tour is open for all. Tourists from any part of the world can do this. You just need to be physically fit enough to go through the entire day of sand bashing and night camping. Pregnant women and people with serious back pain issues however are not suggested this tour. But other than that, this is a must tour for any tourist coming to Abu Dhabi to taste the place and its ecstasy.

How to go for the safari and how to come back?

Going to the desert to see the unspoilt desert nature and sand dune, the desert animals and the flora is a great experience overall. But the question which comes to mind is that, how would one go to the safari and come back. Well, all that gets taken care of by tour organizers. Your Liwa overnight desert safari organizer would take care to pick you up from your preferred location, and drop you back there. Therefore things get utterly simple and hassle free for the tourists opting for this safari. Although, you travel to the middle of the desert amidst nowhere, yet you feel safe and guarded; because you get accompanied by totally learned guides and tour assistants.

How much time it takes for the desert safari?

The Liwa overnight desert safari needs a total 24 hours time. The tour operator would take you to the desert, let you do sand bashing, and arrange you to relax at the evening after the sunset for food and refreshments and entertainment. All this takes time. Sleeping in the camp, and then getting up the next morning to come back, makes this whole plan a 24 hours tour plan.

What about the food and drinks?

Dinner with lots of refreshment options and coffee etc. are arranged for the guests. Hence you would be enjoying the bonfire along with nice food arrangement during the safari. The package comes with all these inclusions, thereby making it all the more interesting and irresistible. You just need to allocate 24 hours of your precious time from your Abu Dhabi tour. Rest would become part of your great memory.

Where to sleep at night?

You must know the fact that one of the most interesting things to enjoy in the safari is the bonfire, the camp accommodation, and mainly sleeping under the stars. The desert sky is always totally clear and shows all the stars. Hence sleeping under this sky makes the safari even more interesting and enjoyable.