Why Jet Cards are Great Gift Ideas


It’s true that private jets have made the lives of business professionals luxuriously convenient. Private jet travel has become the pinnacle of traveling for some executives and celebrities and conducting business with associates across the country (or even across the world) has been made smoother. Whether you own a private jet, charter, or use jet cards, the comfort provided by having your own space in the air remains the same.


The amenities of a private jet are available for everyone to enjoy but not all are convinced of the high state-of-the-art facilities and efficiency that they provide. With the holiday season coming, it’s time to introduce flying on a private jet to a loved one by giving jet cards. 



With a jet card, the holder can enjoy their flying hours at their convenience. Unlike commercial flights, chartering a private jet entitles patrons to the privilege of setting a schedule that’s favorable for them. A pilot and an in-flight crew will make themselves available to attend to the needs of the passengers. No long check-in queues, no more driving to the airport three hours ahead, and no more waiting for boarding. 



The best thing about flying with a  private jet is that comfort is never compromised. Passengers can prepare themselves better for their next meeting with the luxury of privacy that these jets provide. Confidential phone calls can be made without other people hearing and there’s space to get work done without being crowded by others. 

The jet card holder gets to pick an aircraft of their choice from a variety of options best suited for their liking. The best facilities of a private jet include a reclining seat with no noisy neighbors, an exclusive lavatory without anyone else using and an in-flight crew that only caters to the patrons’ needs. Traveling in a private jet will make an aircraft seem like home. 


Giving out a jet card to a busy loved one does not only make them feel remembered, but it also helps them get the work done in the most comfortable surroundings. Flying with a private jet gives them enough personal time and less human interaction than a commercial flight so they can prepare themselves for a business meeting upon landing. Presenting a good proposal is the key to closing deals and taking a breather from the hustle and bustle can help one to compose themselves from any pre-meeting jitters. 

Do you have someone in mind that could use a jet card? Give someone the gift of peace of mind and let them experience the luxury of flying in a private jet.  Find out how you can purchase a jet card and get a quote at West Palm Jets