What’s the Best Time of Year to Move to Ontario?

There are many moving parts when it comes to relocating to a new home. You may be balancing the logistics of selling a house while also buying a new one. There’s a need for proper transportation and help, and we can’t forget the exhaustive process of packing (and possibly purging!).

One thing many people tend to consider last is the time of year it is. No one wants to spend what amounts to a lot of time going from inside to out in snowy or drastically hot weather.

The next time you’re looking at real estate in Toronto, remember to factor in the time of year you’re planning your move.

Avoid the Snow

One thing that most can agree on is that moving during the dead of winter is not a good idea.

To start, you’ll be competing with frigid temperatures as you move items from the moving vehicle into the home itself. Switching from the cold temps outside to the warmer temps indoors will most certainly mess with the way your body feels, and could wreak havoc on your immune system.

You also don’t want to contend with snowy or icy walkways. Not only can they be dangerous, they aid in dragging unwanted debris into your new, clean home.

Taking the same route from moving truck to front door will track in the likes of rock salt, snow, and slush. You don’t want to start off living in your new house with a dirty entryway

Aim For Warmth

Warmth doesn’t necessarily have to mean summer, as sometimes that can be too hot. You might look to later in the spring or early in the fall, when temperatures are mild, to move.

In the southern parts of Ontario fall is pleasant until around the end of October. July and August can be too humid.

Northern Ontario summers aren’t as hot and can be tolerable for a move. The fair weather starts to drop off around the end of September, so you’ll want to relocate before then.

Not only does moving in these time frames help with the actual day of the move, it gives you time to adjust to the climate in your new area before any harsh weather sets in.

Be Mindful of Mone

These peak moving times can cost more than anticipated if you’re looking to use movers, which will be in high demand.

Consider the Day

Outside of the time of year, you’ll also want to look at the day you’re going to move. There is a high demand for movers from Fridays to Sundays, given when the typical work week falls.

If you can afford to take a day or two off, opt for a weekday. You can get lower rates if you’re using movers.

Additionally, think about the time of day – you don’t want a late start! Starting right in the morning should capitalize on your restful state and higher peak of energy. It’ll also give you more time to unwind – and possibly unpack – when the day is done.