What you should pack for your Komodo Island Cruise

Are you a cruising enthusiast? If yes, Indonesia should be your next destination assuming you have not yet visited. 

Indonesia is a beautiful country with more than 17,000 islands to marvel at such as the Komodo Island. 

Going for a Komodo island cruise trip is one of the things you must do while visiting Indonesia. 

In this article we shall discuss what you should pack for a cruise trip. 

Remember, packing is an activity that many vacationers dread. However, a well packed suitcase makes your vacation more enjoyable. 

Pack Activity-suitable Clothes and Shoes

The packing process can be arduous. You don’t want to pack things you won’t use. Neither do you want to arrive at your Komodo island cruise destination and realize you forgot essential items. 

Before you can start packing, log in to the cruise line’s site and peruse through the itinerary. Establish where you will be going. 

Have you booked any shore tours? Will you be attending formal dinners or do you prefer casual buffet dinners? 

Here are examples of attire you should include in your suitcase.


  • Formal Attire


You will need to pack at least one formal set of clothes for your Komodo island cruise. This will come in handy if you plan to attend a formal occasion such as a dinner. 

Women can pack a presentable ball gown or dress. Men can opt for a button up collared shirt and tie, well ironed trousers, and well-polished shoes. 

Depending on your cruise ties may not be necessary. Men can choose to or not to wear them. Sport coats also come in handy especially on special cruise dining nights. 

Men can wear a tuxedo or a coat depending on their preferences. 

Whatever you do, choose your Sunday best clothes. You may just go back home with a “best dressed guest award”


  • Closed-toe Shoes and Flip flops


Pack casual shoes or flip flops to wear in casual restaurants. Depending on your cruise, tank tops, shorts, and flip flops are usually not allowed in many dining areas. 

Closed toe shoes will come in handy if you need to attend some shore excursions such as horseback riding and zip lining. 

Dressing inappropriately can have you disqualified from participating without refunds. 


  • Swimsuits and Cover Ups


To many cruising fanatics, the vacation is all about spending quality time at the beach or pool. 

Pack two or three swimsuits so that you can have a dry one to wear for your next swim session and leave the wet one to dry. 

During your Komodo island cruise you can stroll around in your swimsuit. However, you will need shoes and clothes when accessing the casinos and restaurants. This is where cover ups, shorts, sundresses, t-shirts and sandals come in. 

Opt for a cover up such as a sundress while out on shore excursions. These will come in handy when you need to access other areas along the way with ease. 


  • Pack a Sweater


Often, you will be too excited to go for your Komodo island cruise and forget that it can get chilly, especially at night. 

You are likely to feel cold in the restaurants and casinos as well which is why you will need warm clothing to keep the cold away.

Carry a Beach Tote or Backpack

If your itinerary involves a beach day shoe tour you will need a small bag to carry your beach items. 

A beach tote or backpack will come in handy to keep your belongings organized in one place. 

Still, you may want to buy some things on the way and with the backpack you will have a convenient place to store your items. 

Don’t Forget Your After Lotion and Sunscreen

Do you plan to spend your cruise vacation lying on the beach during shore tours or at the pool? Pack a bottle of sunscreen for each person in your group. A good sunscreen should keep the sunburns away.


Don’t forget your underwater camera to capture the moments. With these essential items, you can be sure to have a successful Komodo island cruise.