What To Check Before You Drive Off Your Rented Car

So you have purchase a car rental overseas, flown over to your holiday destination and are ready to pick up your car. While you may be highly keen to get the trip underway, there are a few things that you should take note of before you actually drive off with the rented car. In following these steps, you would be saving yourself from extra hidden charges or any disputes that typically occur upon returning the car.

As a car rental in Singapore company, we have seen how many tourists being excited to explore the country, do not take simple steps such as:

  • Checking and noting down existing defects on the car
  • The fuel policy of the company
  • Inspecting the charges levied
  • Any prevailing discounts or promotions available
  • Guarding against one way charges

To help you understand the importance of each of these points, we have created this short article to help you get a smooth and pleasant car rental experience anywhere in the world.

Examine your automobile before driving away

Do a comprehensive evaluation of your rental vehicle prior to driving out of the lot. If you find any damages fill in the paperwork (get a duplicate) and take photos with your smartphone so you have a time & date stamp. You do not wish to be held liable for damage from a previous vehicle driver.

Inspect your bank card statement

Double check your credit card statement to make certain any added charges or fees weren’t added that you didn’t ask for or obtain once you have actually completed your rental. This can and does take place.

Check the fuel policy

Some rental automobile business will require you to return the automobile with the same amount of gas it had in the tank at pick-up. Others operate a fuel plan where you, the renter, must purchase the very first container of fuel and may drop the car off empty– in which case, there might be no refund for unused gas.

Where the automobile hire company bills for gas, the expense may be higher than it would be at a neighborhood petrol station.

Inquire about specials

Do you qualify for elderly person, AAA, bank card and frequent flier program discount rates or add-on deals? These discount rates can all accumulate and assist you with finding cheap rental cars. It is important to note that these offers may not be visible online and thus it is always worth spending a moment to inquire about them with the agent.

Watch out for one-way drop off charges

Obvious I understand, but one-way drop off charges can be big and make it challenging to locate cheap rental vehicles. Where feasible scheme your journey to ensure that you return your leased car to its original area.