What Are The Great Reasons To Visit Prague?

The majority visit Prague because it is one of East Central Europe’s most popular destinations. Visitors from around the globe come from the allure of baroque architecture, welcome and pleasant delights, but all you need to do is to go to Prague. You can opt for Prague tour packages from Dubai.

Here are some real reasons to visit Prague

Prague has so many sights that you can always go back to the Czech capital and never see them all. The different Prague neighbourhoods each have unique sights such as Prague Castle and the Old Town Square Astronomical Clock, so take care to visit them all: the Castle District, the Jewish District, the Old Town and the New Town.

Main Attractions

Your journey can be even more unforgettable by annual Prague activities. Enjoy free conferences, holiday events, seasonal events and annual markets.

The Bohemian Carnevale and the Czech Beer Festival at the end of February will be illustrated. You will not only have a taste of Czech culture but also have some fantastic photos.

Public Transportation

While Prague’s most attractions can be reached on foot, the Prague public transport options make it easy to get around the city when it is not hooving, or if the weather does not work. Take the subway, taxi, or use the streetcar. A few minutes away are most attractions.

Nightlife and Clubs

The nightlife in Prague is vibrant. Jazz clubs and other live music, busy bars, modern clubs all of which serve popular Czech beer means you’ll have plenty to do after the shops and the museums close.

The Chapeau Rouge giant dance club, retro jukebox James Dean and Hemingway Bar, which features over 200 rum styles, are among the favorites of visitors and local people.

Party throughout the night if you choose somewhere.


Like clothing or exclusive jewelry from a designer? How about the decorations and seasonal furniture? Memorabilia, perfume, marionettes, bottles, and antique??

Try the Kotva Department Store, which has five floors of stores, for everything from high-end to latest trends. During the Old Town, Cerna Ruze is an area for shopping and, in warm weather, street fairs go on selling food, crafts and other handmade products throughout the region.

When you visit Prague, you can easily double your luggage, so pack light or carry an additional suitcase. It won’t be a problem to find reminders of your stay.

Live Music

If you are searching for classical live music, Prague’s churches and palaces give week and weekend concerts. You can also easily find jazz or other live music.

During one of the city’s music festivals such as the annual International Prague Spring music festival in late spring or early summer, there are several shows scheduled.

Easy Day Trips

If you want to leave the city, make a trip in a few hours to one of the many places which is easily reached by train.

Castles, spas and medieval cities are all potential journeys and add a different dimension to your trip to the capital. Carlsbad’s spa town is about a 3 hour ride, the nearby Karlštejn castle takes spectacular photographs and Kutna Hora’s bone church will appeal to people who are keen to learn more about history and culture.

Czech Beer and Spirits

You will drink Czech beer in Prague for less than a bottle of water. Certain drinks are also on the Prague menus, including absinthe and pen brandy, to try all of them to decide who your favorite is.

Czech beer is available in Prague for less than a bottle of water. Other spirits, such as absinthe and plum brandy, also try to determine your favorite on the meals in Prague.

Czech Art, Literature, and Culture

Prague is home to numerous internationally renowned artists, writers, poets and museums around the region.

The Mukha and Kafi Musea are two of Prague’s most popular attractions, Prague’s squares are open to folk performers and choral groups during the Prague holidays and festivals. You can opt for Prague Holiday Packages from Dubai.