Visiting Cappadocia with Children

You will tell us, we will tell you about Cappadocia. This region of Turkey, located at an altitude of 1000 – 1200 m., is a very popular region for its magnificent landscapes.  Want to travel with baby? Find our shop to travel light with baby and children. Visit for more about the same.

Here are some tips for visiting this region with baby or child:

Rent a car: getting around with the family will be much easier. Car seats are available upon reservation.

The region spans about an area of ​​100km x 100km. The start of walks is often in the middle of nowhere, it is much better to get as close as possible by car. So we were able to go to the underground cities of Kaymakli and the valley of Ilhara at our own pace.

Choose your visiting hours: early in the morning or at the end of the day for a walk. The sun hits hard especially in summer.

The paid sites open around 8 am, and the free ones are accessible as soon as the sun is shining. No problem for us, Mini Voyageur had decided to take advantage of the sunrises and everyone was up at 6am! So we watched the hot air balloons go by. And in addition it allowed us to protect our children from the heat and the sun and to avoid tourist buses.

Choose a hotel with a swimming pool: at the hottest hours of the day, everyone can enjoy it. I will tell you about it in a future article!

Everything to prepare for your trip 

Think outside the box to meet Turks: Cappadocia is so touristy that you can hardly meet Turks.

In a week and staying in Gorème, we did not see Turks doing Ramadan unlike Istanbul!

Bring small sweaters: we are at altitude, the evenings are cool.

Take good walking shoes: for all walks in the sublime valleys, the ground is very crumbly and it slips very easily.

Be careful when climbing on walks among the fairy chimneys. We quickly find ourselves overhanging dizzying heights or over very steep areas on very slippery slopes.

1st day: visit to the rock churches of Göreme in the morning, from Cavuşin on the way to Avanos.

In the afternoon, visit the old quarter of Avanos (behind the square) and some shopping in Avanos (pottery). Visit of the Sarıhan caravanserai on the way back to the hotel.

2nd day: visit of the fairy chimneys of Paşabağı then the valleys of Zelve. Visit of Uçhisar.

3rd day: hike in the valley of Soğanlı (rock churches) visiting the village of Mustafapaşa on the way. Return by road to Nevşehir, visiting the underground city of Derinkuyu on the way.

Day 4: hike in the Red Valley and Ürgüp shopping tour. There will remain many things to see for a second stay (Niğde and the Eskigümüş monastery, the Ihlara valley, Ortahisar, Hacibektaş).