Vibrant Canadian Cities: 8 Must-See Places

Canada is a country that most people remember for its fantastic nature and views. Thanks to its large territory and being the second-largest country in the world, the range of landscapes varies from mountainous regions to lakes and beautiful beaches. On the other hand, Canadian cities have to offer all the modern life amenities, historical landmarks, and other adventurous attractions. The diversity is striking, and with so many places to visit, it is hard to decide where to start. That’s why, we have created a shortlist of the top vibrant Canadian cities and must-see places.

1. Montreal in Quebec

If traveling is in your blood and you are about to visit Canada, Montreal City in Quebec is something you should not miss. This city represents a perfect blend of ancient and modern. One of the things its residents most brag about is the unique architecture most of which was built back in the 17th century. When you walk down the cobblestone streets and see the horse-drawn carriages, you get the impression that you took a quick trip to the past. Moreover, thanks to its numerous galleries, festivals, and shows, Montreal is also known as the cultural capital of Canada. When you have already thought that it’s all this city has to offer, you will come across its modern part with its many skyscrapers, hotels, and commercial buildings.

Alt text: A horse and a carriage.

Caption: Search for the past times in Canadian cities.

2. Ottawa in Ontario

Now let’s step to the country’s capital. Ottawa is one of the top must-visit places on the traveling list of people from all over the world. Its vibrant atmosphere and numerous attractions and available activities steal the heart of every visitor. Some of the topmost would be Parliament buildings, great museums, and great winter and summer attractions on the Rideau Canal. What’s more, many of the visitors even liked the place so much that they decided to leave their countries and came to Ottawa to stay. Living there is an ideal combination of a huge city and a small-town atmosphere.

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3. Vancouver in British Columbia- one of the vibrant Canadian cities and must-see places

When you hear the name Vancouver, you immediately think about diversity. This unique melting pot of different cultures from all over the world, makes this city welcoming to every foreigner. Its amazing scenery of a modern place surrounded by mountainous landscapes will leave you speechless. This is one of the most beautiful cities in the whole of Canada. It is rich with the outdoors, too. There are excellent parks, walking, and biking trails, a seaport, and ocean and lake beaches where you can enjoy the nice weather. So, if you have already started making some savings, don’t forget to note Vancouver as your next traveling destination.

Alt text: A view of the city from the air.

Caption: Visit Vancouver and see why it’s among the most popular traveling destinations.

4. Gatineau in Quebec

Gatineau is the fourth biggest city in Quebec. It is a vibrant and nature-rich area, with many interesting attractions for every part of the year. The proximity to the Gatineau Hills offers snow sports in the winter. When the weather is nice you can enjoy the stunning city’s greenery. Spend some time in one of the parks, go hiking, ride a bike, or just relax on the beach. And if you think there can be no more greenery, you will discover Gatineau Park, located in a beautiful forest area.

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5. Toronto in Ontario

If you wish to visit a real metropolis in Canada Toronto is the best choice. It’s like the hustle and bustle gathered in one place, creating a city where you can never be bored. Toronto is a real cosmopolitan city with highlighted diversity. All over the place, you will meet people speaking different languages, belonging to various cultures, religions, and with different customs. The neighborhoods in the city are stylish, and its urbanization is still in progress.

If you come to this city, you will have a chance to take part in some of the big events, such as the International Film Festival, dine in world-class restaurants, and shop till your legs are sore. For the nature lover, there are several parks to relax and enjoy the sun. And if you yearn for something special, from Toronto’s side you will take the best view of the famous Niagara Falls.

6. Banff in Alberta

If you are a fishing lover, then your vacation to Bandiff would be perfect. This city is a popular traveling destination and one of the top vibrant Canadian cities and must-see places in Alberta. You will immediately fall in love with the view of high mountains mirrored in the crystal blue lake water. Tourists say there is no better place for making perfect photographs than Baniff. Apart from the view this city has a lot of outdoor activities to offer. If you visit in winter, there is snowboarding, ice skating, and of course, skiing. And in the summer you can enjoy hiking, swimming, canoeing or fishing.

Alt text: A picture of some mountains and a lake.

Caption: Canadian nature is stunning.

7. Calgary in Alberta

Want to find out what Western look like in Canadian style? Well, Alberta’s city of Calgary is what you need. By visiting it, you will get the unique opportunity to see the famous festival, consisting of numerous concerts, exhibitions, and rodeos. Cowtown, the nickname the city has, is there for a reason.

Calgary is also very interesting for its proximity to the Rocky Mountains. Within only a short ride you will be able to experience this amazing beauty of nature. Apart from that, Calgary can offer biking, river rafting, hiking, museums, and many more.

8. St. John’s in Newfoundland

Finally, we will mention one of the oldest cities in America. St. John’s is a place with fantastic scenery. Apart from nature and the vibrant landscapes, you will also be amazed by the cityscape of cute brightly colored homes. St. John’s has a rich history, so don’t miss visiting its art galleries and museums. To complete the impression, you can go and watch whales on the coastline since St. John’s waters are home to a very big population of whales.

Now that you have met in short some of the top vibrant Canadian cities and must-see places, it’s up to you to decide where you would like to go first. Choose wisely, since this is a country you will not be able to resist.