Typical Yogyakarta Foods That Are Delicious, and You Must Taste


Yogyakarta is famous as the city of a million memories. Many people want to come back or come just to have sweet moments with their loved ones. One of them is tasting the typical food of Yogyakarta. The following are recommendations for 15 delicious Yogyakarta specialties.

  • Gudeg

Gudeg is a typical Yogyakarta dish that you will often find there. Made from young jackfruit cooked using coconut milk, making gudeg favored by many people. Canned packs are also available to take home.

  • Sate Klathak and Sate Kelinci

Like goat satay, this dish is also made from pieces of young goat meat. It’s just that sate klatak uses bars instead of bamboo sticks.

Besides klatak satay, Yogyakarta is also famous for its rabbit satay. Rabbit meat that has been cut into small pieces and then stabbed using a stick just burned over the coals.

  • Bakpia Pathok

It’s not complete if you don’t bring bakpia pathok home as a mainstay gift to your home. This traditional culinary has been famous for its savory and delicious taste of green beans.

  • Cenil

Not only famous in East Java, cenil is also the best-selling snack in Jogja. Cenil is a dish made from cassava starch and then shaped into small rounds and given beautiful colors.

  • Krecek

Usually, krecek is served together with gudeg. Krecek is a typical Jogja food made from skin crackers that have been cooked with its signature chili sauce.

  • Yangko

Made from glutinous rice flour, yangko is a staple food that is always coveted by tourists. Yangko is square-shaped with a chewy texture and a very sweet taste.

  • Sate and Tongseng Petir

Visiting Jogja feels incomplete if you haven’t tried the satay and tongseng lightning. A portion of satay and tongseng goat with a mixture of spices that are so authentic, that anyone who tastes it becomes addicted.

  • Geplak, Gatot, Thiwul

It has been known for decades, the presence of geplak has always been a pleasant specter. How not, this round-shaped Yogyakarta food has a very delicious taste.

The name is quite unique, the main attraction for the audience. So does the taste it has. Before serving, gatot made from cassava is usually peeled and then dried in the sun to dry.

Reportedly, tiwul rice was used as a staple food by the people of Gunung Kidul. For now, the existence of nasi tiwul has always been the target of tourists when in Jogja.

  • Oseng-Oseng Mercon

Reportedly, tiwul rice was used as a staple food by the people of Gunung Kidul. For now, the existence of nasi tiwul has always been the target of tourists when in Yogyakarta.

  • Peyek

If usually the dent is very thin. But it’s different again with this culinary preparation from Jogja. Peyek from Jogja is cooked by pounding it until it turns into an irregular round shape.

  1. Fried Grasshopper (Belalang Goreng)

If you want to experience a unique new experience in Jogja, try tasting fried grasshoppers. It may sound amused, but no one expected this food to contain abundant nutrients.

  • Sego Abang Jirak (Jirak Red Rice)

This traditional dish from Jogja consists of brown rice served with green lombok vegetables. The complete menu served, makes this food look quite healthy.

  • Mie Lethek (Dirty Noodle)

Its appearance is almost similar to Javanese noodles. The difference lies in the basic ingredients, namely vermicelli which are brownish in color to look dirty. Because of this, this food is called mie lethek or dirty noodle.

  • Adrem Cake

Adrem cakes are often found in the southern coastal areas. The taste is so legit and savory, it turns out that it comes from the main raw materials, namely rice flour and brown sugar.

  • Bakmi

Bakmi Jogja is the next Jogja specialty that must be tasted. In the cooking process, these boiled noodles are mixed with a typical Javanese spice blend.

Whether your trips take you to a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts or urban attractions, extra research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Yogyakarta by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.