Truest Options for the Nassau Water Travelling

Emerald water idyllic beach at Nassau, The Bahamas in a sunny day.

Nassau is the capital of one of the main islands of the Bahamas, New Providence, and is very important as it is a fundamental connection between the other islands, by air or by sea. Vibrant, it is the one that receives the most hotel services and of all kinds, from the most sophisticated luxury of the Atlantis Hotel, to the humble local neighborhoods around the well-known Downtown Nassau.

The Right Options

We summarize our experience indicating the activities you can do in a day in Nassau, although to enjoy the Island well it would be advisable to spend at least 3 days.Shortly you can avoid American Airlines: you can only carry one package or you will be charged for excess luggage and any handbag or small bag already counts as a second package, apart from the queues and delays are the order of the day.

If you arrive from South America, you will be asked for the international vaccination card to verify that you have yellow fever.

If you come from Europe, they will also check the validity of the ESTA , and above all they will ask you a lot of questions to make sure that you do not stay to live the story, so it is mandatory to enter that you go with a return ticket unless Have a work visa. We recommend bringing the reserved accommodations to avoid problems. Have a complete boat sailing done here and then later contemplate the views throught a rent yacht in Nassau.

At the Sea Level:

  • There are several cruise ferry companies that stop in Nassau. The cheapest and best known is Norwegian, its unbeatable packs for 4 days and up, stop on several islands, even on private property.
  • If you add trips, meals, and accommodations, you get much better price to do these cruises, than go on your own.
  • So if you are a cruise fan, this should be your option without a doubt, you will also be unconcerned with the organization. Everyone leaves from the port of Miami.
  • We, we are going to help you to be your he who goes on a trip to suit you if you are one of those who flees the cruises and seeks to sleep in the Bahamas you have arrived at the right place.

Things to do in Nassau in one day

Everything is possible in Nassau. So here is what we did, and if it is true that one day does not go far, these were our choices:

Clifton Heritage Park

It is a virgin beach with vegetation, where the characteristic is the marvelous sculptures that are underwater, and that have made it an icon of Nassau.

These lists are undoubtedly always subjective, because there will be those who like to spend most of their time walking through the colonial streets of Downtown and discovering their local environment, others prefer to spend the day snorkeling in the Bahamian submarine bottom, and there will be families with children, who go to be in the Atlantis Water Park.