Travel Comfortably and Lavishly with Phenom 100

Light jets are becoming more popular these days because of the convenience, exclusivity and extravagant experience they offer. Embraer, a Brazilian aircraft manufacturer, developed a light jet suitable for individuals or companies that like to travel comfortably and lavishly. 

This entry-level jet is called the Phenom 100. The Phenom 100 boasts a modern and sleek design and brilliant technology. This aircraft was developed to redefine quality and luxury travel in the business jet industry. 

Exclusivity and Privacy

Because the Phenom 100 is a light jet, it offers little room for a lot of passengers to ride in the aircraft. This light jet can only accommodate 4 passengers for each flight. This adds more value for passengers who want a private, peaceful and calm environment when traveling. 

For companies with executives who have frequent business travels, the Phenom 100 ensures an exclusive flight for their valued executives as well as a comfortable travel experience. This light jet provides privacy for each passenger since it has wide legroom and sufficient seat distance.

Comfort and Convenience

Private business jets value convenience and comfort the most. This light jet can compete with its rivals in the market when it comes to both comfort and convenience. Its cabin design and space are ideal for relaxing and working. 

For an entry-level jet, this aircraft provides ample space for legroom and headroom. With a cabin width of 5.1 ft., cabin height of 4.9 ft., and cabin length of 11 ft., it’s comfortable for the passengers to work, dine and relax. 

Even though the Phenom 100 is a small jet, it has a generous baggage capacity that allows its passengers to freely bring what they need for their trip. The jet also has wide oversized windows that allow natural light to come in. These well-thought-out interior designs make the travel experience of the passengers effortlessly comfortable and stylish.


Brilliant Technology and Reliable Ergonomics

The Phenom 100 is powered by powerful twin Pratt and Whitney PW617F-E engines. This single-pilot aircraft has brilliant automation technology combined with human-factors services. This helps minimize workload operation and at the same time, the technology helps anticipate every aircraft need and enhance situational awareness. 

This light jet aircraft can fly at an airspeed of 380 mph and an impressive reach with a range of 1039 nm. It has a state-of-the-art flight deck based on the Garmin G1000, which creates an instinctive interaction between the pilot and the aircraft.

The Phenom 100 boasts turboprop-grade competence, excellent performance, unparalleled safety and a beautiful design that is readily available for its valued passengers. Private business light jets are redefined completely by the Phenom 100 aircraft. 

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