Transfer, car rental or public transportation: Malaga has it all  

Malaga, one of the best known tourist cities in Spain and part of the well-known “Costa del Sol” is undoubtedly one of those destinations that, no matter what season of the year you visit, will always have something interesting to present to its guests.

And it is that being quite well prepared to receive visitors, it is one of the most comfortable cities to travel in as it has a fairly functional public and private transport infrastructure. From the very moment that you arrive to the city, you can easily chose to hire Malaga airport transfer services to get your hotel room, or just getting around the city by using public transportation; it will be a matter of the traveler’s budget.

Car rental or public transportation: which one to choose?

Most of the big cities will definitely have a large pool of options when it comes to transportation, and Malaga is not an exception to this. Trains, buses, cabs and transfer services can all be taken from the airport itself, making it fairly easy for the visitors to choose one from the very start.

Being such a big and touristic city, Malaga does have many different fares on its services that can easily be taken advantage of depending on each visitor’s needs and wants. Tickets that allow the use of the bus system start with prices around 1,55 €for a simple ticket, however these prices can get even larger by buying multi travel tickets or even monthly cards that allow unlimited travels around the city.

Even though the unlimited traveling around the city is definitely a very appealing option for most of the visitors, it is true that the public transportation has limitations such as being tied to the route of each bus line in the city, their schedules and the capacity (now reduced due to COVID-19 precautions) of the available units.

It is important to note that a transfer service and a car rental service are not the same. In the case of a car rental we are talking about a car that a client will operate as if it were his own for a certain time, paying a fee determined by the specifications of the car in question. On the other hand, a transfer service works by looking for the client to a certain location to take him to his destination.

This difference in how the services work is key to deciding which of the two services may be more convenient, also taking into account that a car rental service will not generate additional rates that depend on the number of trips made.