The capital of French Department of Haute-Garonne and the region of Occitanie France’s southern part, Toulouse is the fourth largest city of France and it is known as the pink city in France. After Paris, Lyon and Marseille, the Toulouse Metro area is the fourth largest metropolitan area of France which is the center of the European Aerospace industry. In the 5th century the city was the capital of the Visigothic Kingdom in the late middle ages it was the capital of the province of Languedoc. During the French revolution the provinces were abolished, and it became the capital (Un-official) of southern France (cultural region of occitania). It is now the second largest region of Metropolitan France and the capital of the Occitanie region. The pinkish terracotta bricks were used to build the city with unique architecture and earned the name “the Pink City”. 

The city hall, the opera house, and the 16th-century Donjon du Capitole tower are part of Toulouse. It has a theme park of space exploration named the City Space and a library called the Médiathèque José Cabanis. A large park which spans several blocks and includes a museum, cafes, play areas for children’s activities and a botanical garden, is the Jardin des Plantes. Large single-family units which encloses the inner courtyard are also part of this city. The largest Romanesque church in Europe, Saint-Sernin Basilica, is part of the Way of Saint James UNESCO World Heritage Site. A temple to the Roman god Apollo, formerly converted to Christianity in 410 AD, The Daurade basilica in the 18-19th century was founded in the city.  The burial place of Saint Thomas Aquinas, named The Church of the Jacobins, is also a part of this city. France’s fourth largest student population is in Toulouse. 

Transport system in Toulouse:

If you are a frequent traveler or you love traveling, then you must have an idea of the city transport system, so you can choose the best means of traveling which suits your budget as well as your route. If you are planning to visit Toulouse then you have access to Trains, Metro, Tramway, Airports and Canal. Love cycling? Yes, you can… cycling is also possible. Toulouse-Matabiau is the main railway station of Toulouse which offers regional and national services. Driverless (automatic) rubber-tired trains for a Metro system in the city named as the Toulouse Metro apart from the extensive bus system. Since December 2010 the tramway line T1 is also operating in the city while T2 is serving Toulouse Blagnac airport and it is a part of the first line.  The city has a principal local airport Toulouse Blagnac and the other one Toulouse Lasbordes. The Canal du Midi is also a part of this city.

VélôToulouse is a citywide bicycle rental scheme which has been introduced since 2007. It offers bicycles based on daily, weekly, monthly or yearly subscription from automated stations.

Toulouse culture:

After transport the other thing which is of great importance is the culture of the city, while traveling in a city if you are not aware of its culture and important places you are not going to find it interesting. The home of opera and ballet is the Théâtre du Capitole, since 1736 this site is hosting a theatre. Jean Dieuzaide, a French photographer from Toulouse converted an old 19th-century water-tower as a gallery in 1974 which is now named as Le Château d’Eau, the global oldest public place dedicated for photography. The city includes some art museums, a museum devoted to Antiquity is the Musée Saint-Raymond, and natural history the Muséum de Toulouse.

We have discussed the history of Toulouse with the transport guide and culture of the city for the travelers in the city. If you want to know more about the city follow our blog and write to us in the comments section.

Toulouse health 

Toulouse has topped the annual list ranking 50 hospitals in order. 

The list is published by Le Point with the CHU of Toulouse in first place, followed by those of Bordeaux and Lille.

In order to be included in the list the organization would have to offer a complete medical and surgical service and over 70 medical specialities were included in the final choice. 

There are no shortage of pharmacies in the city. A simple map search will point you to the closest one. If you require out of our pharmacy services will provide you with the phone number of the nearest out of our pharmacy in your vicinity.