Top Things to do in Isle of Anglesey with Kids

One of the perfect places to visit in Wales includes Anglesey. It is an island that is very popular and a favorite place to enjoy at the weekend or holidays. A large percentage of total visitors are kids; this place is ideal for the kids. Also, there are many self-catering Anglesey hotels and lake houses that are available to stay with your kid to enjoy the place for days.

Here are some things to do with your kids in Anglesey.

Anglesey Sea Zoo

The zoo is always staying in the top 10 list of the kids. When it comes to visiting the zoo, mainly it is about watching a tiger, elephant, bear and many more, but if the zoo is filled with sea fish, dolphins, and many sea creatures. The excitement gets doubled and it is also very helpful for them to know.

It will help them to know the underwater world and all the different species up close. They can also see how the pearls are taken from an Oyster. They will also get to see the lobster hatchery.

The Holyhead Empire Play Centre

Another fascinating and attractive place for kids in Anglesey is the Holyhead Empire Play Centre. As the name suggests, it is a play center with a lot of indoor gaming options so it is a must-visit place for the kids.

The place is a 3 tier structure made of purple, red, and yellow. It contains many soft play elements such as racing set, mini climbing wall, spider webs, spinning sticks, etc. also, every Friday night, a special event is hosted, which is the laser tag arena. This is a harmless laser game with lightweight equipment.

If you are thinking of visiting Anglesey, then don’t forget to go to these places with your kids. Also, try to stay for 1-2 days to enjoy the whole place.