Top Recreational Activities For Tourists in Abu Dhabi

Are you planning to visit Abu Dhabi on your next vacation? If yes, let me disclose an amazing piece of information to you guys. Well, many beachside hotels and clubs are now offering phenomenal fun-filled activities in Abu Dhabi. Tourists often find it difficult to explore the best hotel that looks after the recreational needs of their guests. However, beach hotel Abu Dhabi takes care of their guest’s wishes and pays special attention to their amusement.

Let’s just walk through the top activities that tourists can do while staying in Abu Dhabi.

Kayak tours to the Eastern Mangroves-

Abu Dhabi is brimming with uncountable attraction sights. Eastern Mangroves are one of those amazing sights. Mangrove forests are located in the islands that surround the whole city. The tourists can enjoy experiencing kayak tours for about two to three hours. This activity is available to all the visitors irrespective of their age. This tour will let you witness some beautiful sights in the city’s forest. For the enhanced experience of the mangroves, it is suggested that the tourists register for late-night tours.

Relaxing on the sandy shore of Saadiyat Island-

Another astonishing attraction of Abu Dhabi is its Saadiyat Island. With the white sand on the western shore of the island, it provides amazing facilities such as sun loungers, shades, refreshment cafes, etc. It is one of the top sun-seeking attractions where tourists can rent windsurfing equipment on the beach. It also has a private beach club where guests can experience more luxuries such as pool, lounge areas, etc.      

Sightseeing on a cruise-

If you want to see the best views of the skyscrapers of Abu Dhabi, you have to choose a cruise to experience the outstanding views of the high-rise buildings. Depending on the budgets of the visitors, there operate several run tours. Usually, island hopping tours can opt by the visitors during the daytime, including serene sightseeing, beaches, and scuba diving.

Another tour is the evening one where the tourist can witness beautiful city lights shining the dusk of the city. The third tour is the pearl one, where the guests can explore the mangrove area and learn about the cultural heritage.

Trip of the dunes-

One of the Most popular activities is the desert safari. One day trip from the city to the beautiful Al Khatim desert can bring out the best of the whole of your stay in Abu Dhabi. This desert has the largest dunes in the world where the guests can enjoy camel trekking, sand boarding, etc. Some trips also include a visit to the traditional dessert and camel farm, whereas the guests are usually taken on a 4×4 tour. Guests can enjoy camping and entertainment such as belly dancing in the desert. The beach resorts in Abu Dhabi also provide pick and drop services for the destination.

The Heritage Village of Abu Dhabi-

If you want to Abu Dhabi before its success in the oil business, then you must check out the Heritage Village. The replica of the Bedouin village is located in the beach area. It showcases traditional exhibits such as workshops where craftsmen are demonstrating their weaving metalwork skills, agricultural displays, etc. After witnessing the old Abu Dhabi in the Heritage Village, the visitors can take a walk around the beach and experience some relaxing moments with their companions.

Trip to Warner Bros World-

If you are planning to visit Abu Dhabi with your family, then you must take a one-day trip to Warner Bros World. It is mainly famous for its dedication to comics, movies, and cartoons. It also has many rides based on different cartoon characters that your kids would love to experience. The entire place is fully sheltered and air-conditioned. The rides are also suitable for the teenage age group. There are roller coasters that are combined with 4D interactive content. This would be the best place to enhance your experience of the whole trip if you have visited the place with kids.

These are the few activities that the tourists can experience alongside their comfortable stay at beach resorts in Abu Dhabi.