Tips For Renting A Car In Istanbul

If you go to your resort other than by taking your own vehicle, renting a car can be an attractive solution. Apart from the practicality and the freedom that it provides, car rental Istanbul guarantees you a better respect for the environment and a guarantee of safety. Indeed, rental vehicles have an average age of 4 to 6 months (compared to more than seven years for private vehicles) and are maintained more regularly. Thus, they have the latest technological advances in terms of safety and respect for the environment. We offer tips to read imperatively if you choose this mode of transport for your next vacation in Istanbul. OneClickDrive.Com is the best car rental in Istanbul.

Define your needs

Your needs are of paramount importance since they will determine which type of car is best for you (sedan, a city car, compact, etc.). You should, therefore, ask yourself the following questions:

Which vehicle size is best suited for your trip?

To do this, take stock of the number of passengers and luggage to choose the category and the number of doors. Also think about the types of road that you will meet: on the climbs, weak motorization can be very unpleasant…

How many kilometers will you cover?

Make sure that the offer you are going to choose is sufficient.

What options do you really need?

GPS, child seats are options that add considerably to the bill. Depending on the place and the duration of your stay, you can consider alternatives (such as bringing your own GPS, making certain purchases on the spot, etc.) to reduce the rental bill.

Compare prices

Price is an extremely important variable, but should not take precedence over the quality of the service. So, reading the reviews of the rental companies lets you know exactly what to expect. There are websites like Oneclickdrive, which provide you with the best car rental service in Istanbul.

Choose a suitable insurance

If you do not want the costs to be borne by you in the event of damage, and if you are not already covered by the services of your bank card, we recommend you a “zero deductible” insurance. Tires and underbody are not included in all offers. The damage from tires and broken windows are relatively frequent. We, therefore, advise you to subscribe to it. Insurance covering the rocker panel is not necessarily necessary because damage to it is rather rare.

Avoid additional fuel costs

Normally, the pick-up and drop-off are done with fuel. This is the most advantageous solution for you because you only pay for the fuel consumed. Another formula exists with low-cost rental companies in Southern Europe and the United States: the purchase of the first full tank from the rental company and return with the empty tank. This rule is not to your advantage: you must pay the first refuel on-site at a high price plus service charges, while the remaining fuel will not be reimbursed. Attention, this formula is often associated with offers at very low prices … which are not in the end! It is, therefore, preferable to choose a classic offer”, which provides for the pick-up and return of the vehicle with fuel to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Beware of options!

Car rental contracts can be full of options, sometimes not always clear: are you entitled to share the vehicle with a second driver, or do you have to take an option? What are the insurance prices allowing you to avoid the maximum deductible in the event of an accident? What is the deposit to pay? Are there cleaning fees included?

Watch the deposit

The amount of the deposit can also vary enormously depending on the rental company ( in Istanbul provides cheap services), the country of rental, and of course, the vehicle model (a beautiful German sedan will have a higher deposit amount than a small city car). Check if the amount of the deposit is blocked on your account via your credit or debit card (then re-credited when the vehicle is returned). Finally, pay attention to your bank card! Not all cards will be accepted, including debit cards.

Check the deductible

The famous deductible … It is scary when you see certain amounts to be paid in the event of a claim. The rest of the charge may then exceed 2,000 euros, depending on the agency and country. Check the conditions in the rental contract as well as your insurance. Most agencies offer additional insurance that reduces or even eliminates the deductible. But not all are interesting…

Be careful if you change country while driving.

If you are going on a road trip or if you have to travel on border areas, check that your rental contract includes the possibility of crossing borders. Otherwise, the vehicle would not be insured in the event of damage abroad, which would involve a considerable additional cost. To avoid any problem, inform the agency of your journey and crossing borders. He can then tell you that it is supported or requests an insurance extension. Most agencies do this for free, but others can offer a flat rate per day. Also, inquire when making your reservation by comparing the offers to make the best choice.

Prepare before picking up the vehicle

Preparing the necessary documents in advance can save you a lot of time and, above all, avoid unpleasant surprises. What are the documents in question?

  • the driving license valid for more than a year
  • a valid credit card, in the name and first name of the main driver, sufficiently stocked for the deposit of the deposit
  • the rental voucher (sometimes called “voucher”)

If you have chosen a low-cost rental company, read your rental voucher carefully before arriving at the agency. This will help you refuse additional insurances which is far from essential, but which are offered by this type of rental company. Finally, pay attention to the condition of the car and the rental contract before signing it. If the vehicle already has damage, the lessor must note it in the rental contract so that you do not bear the responsibility.

Managing the delivery of the vehicle

If your contract stipulates to return the vehicle with the full tank, inquire in advance at nearby petrol stations. Do not forget to keep the full tank ticket. You must have the condition of the vehicle checked. If it is not possible for you to return the vehicle during opening hours, it is essential to take photos of the vehicle, to avoid possible complaints from the owner.