Things You Cannot Miss Doing in Davao!

Davao is one of the best places where you can spend a great holiday with your friends or family. It’s tropical beaches, cultural centers and many festivals year-round, makes it a fun place to travel to. The city offers almost everything that will keep you going for a few days. If you are planning to visit Davao, then you are in for a treat. While checking out the many Davao hotels, make sure to take a look at these fun activities you cannot miss doing in the city.

Visit the Dahican Beach – the Dahican beach is spread over a length of 7 km and is one of the most beautiful beaches in this region. It’s the fantastic tropical ambiance and a wide range of water sports makes it a great place for tourists to be in. Rent a lounge chair and relax under the coconut trees or you can head out for the crystalline waves on surfboard and enjoy an exciting time.

Check out the Jack’s Ridge – Jack’s Ridge used to be headquarters for the Japanese military during the Second World War. It will surely intrigue people who love to explore the history of a place. Now, there are many restaurants and cafes that have come up around this place. You can sit in any of them and satisfy your hunger cravings, tasting the delicious Philippines cuisine.

Hike at Mount Apo – Mount Apo is a prominent tourist attraction in Davao city. It is a favorite spot for tourists who want to go for an adventurous hiking trek up the mountain. It is also known as the “King of Philippines Peaks” and is almost 10,311 feet high, with the Tudaya Falls nestled in one of the parts of the mountain. Once you reach the top of the mountain, you will come across a lake that is formed out of a volcanic crater. The mesmerizing scene from here is phenomenal.

Relax at Kopiat Island – those of you who love to explore new islands and hamlets, heading for the Kopiat Island will be a great thing to do. A desolate island situated in the middle of the ocean, off the coast of Davao, Kopiat is blessed with verdant flora and fauna exquisitely. Rich wildlife is teeming in the land and around the waters of this pristine island. You will reach here with the help of speedboats from the mainland.

Eat at Roxas Avenue Night Market – a very exotic and interesting place to be in Davao is the Roxas Avenue Night Market. From a wide variety of food dishes, shopping stalls, and local handicrafts, you will find all of that in this market. You will be surprised to see the diversity of seafood that is available here. Also, shop for beautiful souvenirs and artifacts that you can take back home, to keep as a memory.

So, these are the must things to do in Davao which you should take part in. We hope you will have a great time in Davao city this year!