Things to Do In Batam Island, Indonesia

The Batam Island is one of Indonesia’s most popular tourist destinations because it is known as a place where people can relax and escape from all these worries and hassle of their busy life. Who doesn’t want time away from everything? Well, this is the place to be. There are not many “attractions” like historical places, but there are many resorts, restaurants and cafes that can be found in Batam Island. If you are looking for entertainment, don’t worry because the nightlife here is the right choice.Batam is located across the ocean from Singapore, so if you’re spending a weekend in Indonesia, this is a great place to hit. With the speedboat, you can enjoy various activities that are much cheaper than other sites in Southeast Asia; within a 40-minute drive from Singapore you can enjoy the pleasure of your eyes and soul to Batam. This is why Batam is a popular weekend destination for most of the Singapore residents. Usually families like to plan 3D2N Batam Getaway with their kids. However be sure to check and plan your 3D2N Batam itinerary before you reach the Island.

Another reason people come to Batam is that this Island is well-known for the possibility of diving and snorkeling. If you want to explore the underwater kingdom in this part of Indonesia, then you won’t be able to do it anywhere other than here – because the water here is spotless and the view is broad.

Things to do in Batam, Indonesia

Visit Penyengat Island! Yes, this is one of the unique experiences that you can enjoy in Batam.

Around the central Island of Batam, there are several islands, one of which is perfect for stunning day trips called Penang. It’s not one of the largest islands in this region, but this place sure holds some magic. You can walk around in about 2 hours on this Island. This means that if you come here early, you can take a walk and enjoy the breathtaking sunset before sunbathing the next day.

MahaVihara Duta Maitreya Temple is another beautiful and peaceful place to visit in Batam in order to understand the Island’s culture. If you stay near to Batam City Centre, then this temple is a few kilo meters away. If you reach Batam via Harbourbay ferry terminal, then you can easily hire a taxi to reach there.

Batam is a paradise for seafood lovers. There are seafood stalls where you can try your favourite dishes. Other than seafood choices there are variety of Indonesian food which you can enjoy in Batam.It is not only local Indonesian food but you will find other cuisines as well.

If you love shopping then you can find shopping malls to spend your time.Nagoya Hill shopping mall is one of the most popular shopping mall in Batam.

Hire a taxi from the taxi counter and visit around the Batam Island to explore this beautiful sunny island of Indonesia!