Things Taxi Drivers Suffer At The Hands Of Their Passengers:

You are planning a trip to somewhere and have booked your flight for the perfect accommodation, but you forgot to think about one thing; to book the taxi which will take you from your home to the airport or did you forget to book a taxi from where you will land to where you want to be? The solution to this problem is that you always book your taxi timely when you book your flight in this way you will be on the safe side.

However, if you haven’t booked a transfer, then it is your liability, and the cab driver who you hail shouldn’t suffer the consequences of your bad mood because you are getting late for your flight or because you forgot to book a taxi on time. You shouldn’t make the life of taxi drivers more miserable than it already is because of such a tiring job. You don’t know what they have to endure to earn just a few bucks for their family. If you can’t make it easy, you also should not make it hard.

Below is a list of five things which you shouldn’t do in the cab because it makes the cabbie angry and annoyed.

  1. You talk rudely to them: if you are having a bad day and you have to leave for someplace before your mood gets better (in our case it is vervoer luchthaven Charleroi) an, unfortunately, you are taking a cab then by no means you are entitled to talk or behave rudely to you cab driver. A cab driver is not your servant and is a person just like you, so, nothing permits you to be impolite to them. For example, if you are late for your flight then it is not the driver’s fault; it is your fault that you didn’t book your ride or airport transfer on time and so you shouldn’t be angry at him. Instead, you should own up to your mistake by being patient and asking him politely to take the shortest route and to drive fast.
  2. You don’t give them a good tip:  most cabbies live on tips because they have to pay the taxi company the rent for their cabs and if they don’t earn much through their rides or tips they go home with no money and a debt to the company. You shouldn’t pay them a lousy tip because it is almost useless to them so you should give them a handsome tip to at least make a difference. For example, you take your cab driver to the most famous exhibition of the year, and there is a huge parking line before the drop-off area, and when you finally reach the drop-off point you pay him only 2$ as a tip which is embarrassing for you as a human being. 
  3. you being way too much drunk: people choosing to travel via taxis when they are drunk is nothing new, people do that all the time, and that’s the reason the taxi drivers hate it so much. When you’re drunk, you can vomit in the car or fall asleep or can’t talk properly or all three of these things, so you are not the favorite customers of the taxi drivers. For example you are having a bad day at the office, and as soon as you get home you want to drink away your sorrows at a bar but instead of drinking away your sorrows; you drink away your sanity too, and so your cabbie (if he is a morally right person) will have to literally drag you from the street to up to your house. Which doesn’t sound nice, right?
  4. You make-out in the cab: your taxi driver is not fond of watching you make-out with your date from the bar. He is a stranger and public cab drivers for heaven’s sake… please control yourselves. Just remember that someone just a few inches away from you can see everything you do in the backseat through the rearview mirror and you also owe him respect (what if your driver is an older man?). For example, it is your first date, but you take things a bit too fast, and after pouring your heart out to your partner in a few drinks, you decide to show your affection to them… not appropriate to write any further…!
  5. You ask your cab driver to break the law: everyone knows that you want to reach your destination as soon as possible, but you shouldn’t ask your driver to violate traffic laws just because you will miss your plane or miss your essential interview. You should plan your day ahead so that you won’t have to worry about getting late. For example, you are about to miss your flight because of your lack of time management, and now not only are you being rude to the driver but you are also continually asking him to break the law. If you do that; you might get to your flight to vervoer luchthaven Charleroi on time, but that cab driver will have to pay the ticket he got because you asked him to break the law.

We all know that when the name of traveling comes up; the thought of how we are going to get the airport is the least of our thoughts because we are so excited to go on our expedition that we forget this one crucial step. The excitement of traveling and the chores that we have to do before leaving; put the thought of airport transfer to the back of our minds. Visit here for more 

But the only way in which you can make your life a bit easier is that you book a ride before you leave home and in that way, you won’t be worried about your issue of traveling at the last minute. You should also make sure that the car you book is according to your needs and is not small or too large for you. If you are traveling with friends, your booked car should be big enough to fit them all along with their luggage, and if you are traveling with your family and have a small kid with you, then there should be enough space at the back of the seat to put a baby seat, etc. apart from this; you should show humanity and should never let your worry and anger take over your sanity and your mind.