The Perfect Place To Look For Old Longboard Surfboard On This Website Called Akewatu

In Australia surfing was brought in by a Hawaiian named Duke Kahanamoku in the year of 1915. In Sydney, he displayed and elaborated the ancient technique of riding on a board over the ocean waves. Since then the popularity and celebration of surfboarding have never ceased in Australia. Later on after the earliest introduction of surfing in Australia a lot of people took interest in the making and designing of surfboards as well.

The sports induction

The famous designer from Australia designed the surfboard with a V-bottom. Till today this design is considered a basic requirement for shortboard surfing and its developments. Firstly the art of surfing was taken as a fun stunt for the thrill but later on, it became a celebrated sport. It is surprising to know that there are even researches taking place for the health benefits which can be procured from surfing.

Leaders in shaping

The country of Australia has been in the study and research of developing surfboards for several years. They are known to be one of the best places to surf and also the best places to buy a lovely board. The shaping of the surfboard is a very delicate and valuable art.

A lot of innovative adjustments have already been carried out by several Australian shapers which have contributed to developing a better surfing experience. The longboard surfboard on this website of akewatu.com.au sells the best shaped used surfboards.

Darren Handley is a world-famous shaper who has shaped boards for world champions like Stephanie Gilmore and Mick Fanning. Another famous Australian shaper who is not only known for shaping but world-class surfing too will be the four-time world champion, Mark Richards.

Worldwide delivery of Akewatu

The team of Akewatu is run by severely passionate people who love surfboards and surfing with everything they have. The founders of the platform build it so that everyone can sell longboard surfboard on this website without any roadblocks. They operate a totally honest system at Akewatu where no snakes of scam can sneak inside. Everyone can buy anything old or second-hand demands honest statements of the condition and features of the item. Akewatu does exactly that by verifying the surfboard and describing it accordingly on the website.

Assistance to buy

Akewatu is also known to provide valuable assistance to the buyers which help them to find the surfboard which suits them the best. They host an amazing collection of used surfboards which can be noticed all the time on their website of akewatu.com.au.

They showcase surfboards of every type and severely varying budgets as well. One of the best features of them is that their readiness to ship the surfboard anywhere in the world. Just a few clicks on the mouse and the dreamy longboard surfboard on this website will be ready to come to your home.


As the surfboards which are sold by the reputed portal of Akewatu are verified by experts, there remains total safety. The passion for surfboarding runs deep in the veins of Australia and that is one of the reasons for the availability of amazing surfboards in there.