The Inception and Inventors of Montreal-Style Smoked Meat


The facts about the pioneers of iconic Montreal-style smoked meat has been always debated across the world, but an exclusive interview of Eiran Harris the archivist emeritus of Jewish public library in the year 2009 has revealed some authentic insights on the origin of the contemporary Montreal-style smoked meat. Wherever you go beginning from international and continental restaurants to famous delis who are specialized on Montreal-style smoked meat such as Jarry Viande Fumée Montreal, you will get different opinions on the inception of this iconic and delicious recipe. 

But if you rely on practical facts, then the debate starts with the 63 years aged Wolf Wiseman who was the father of famous doctor Max Wiseman, placed an ad in the year 1911 in one of the daily of Yiddish language named Keneder Adler which said about a fabulous store at the 35 Ontario Street West that sold the best smoked meat along with other stuff such as corned beef, canned goods, salami sausage etc.

However, extensive research revealed that neither Wiseman nor Ben Kravitz manufactured the smoked meat, rather the earliest ad that revealed about the smoked meat appeared in Montreal in the year 1876. The ad further announced that the smoked meat which was not produced with Jewish-style was manufactured by Canadian meat producing company with famous agents such as Baird & company and McGibbon of Montreal. Further studies on this aspect revealed that the true genesis of Montreal-style smoked meat started with the arrival of Aaron Sanft from Yassi in the year 1884 who became the first butcher of Montreal. 

Most historians believe that the contemporary Montreal-style smoked meat was originated in Turkey and over the time brought to Romania while attacking and invading the army of Turkey. Eventually, the Jewish butchers by improving the quality and tenderness of the smoked meat developed the flavour and delicious taste of the smoked meat. Therefore, it can be concluded with the statement that Aaron Snaft introduced the Montreal-style smoked meat in Montreal since he advertised about this specific smoked meat for the first time in Montreal.

The interview of Eiran Harris included some secrets of curing ingredients and some formula especially on the combination of spices and salt which is still in practice that transforms the brisket into delicious smoked meat. However, it was revealed that the basic and essential step of making the smoked meat is also the cooking and curing procedures which actually adds flavour and delicious taste of the Montreal-style smoked meat.