The Best Summer Water Sports, Travel

Summer offers an excellent chance for outdoor activities. Water sports have become a common thing during the hot months of the year. Gone are the days when beach holidays were just about lying on your towel all day. If you aren’t enthusiastic about water sports, you can hire a boat from Newport Duffy Rental and enjoy the scenic views. If you fancy some sports action, here are some of the best water sports you can indulge in to make your summer vacation enjoyable;

The Sports


If you want to experience the best relaxation while enjoying the sea breeze, Kayaking is an activity you cannot afford to overlook. Losing track of time is very easy in this sport. The best part is that you can enjoy Kayaking with your friends and family. Most beaches have Kayak hires, where you can get the necessary equipment for this sport. It is advisable to get an instructor if you are a beginner to guide and teach you how to paddle safely on the water. 

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is an activity that allows you to get farther below the water surface and get a first-hand experience of some of the incredible marine life of this planet. It is easy to master the diving act. However, for safety’s sake, you will require to attend a short PADI course and get a teaser of what underwater looks like before heading out on your own. This course is available globally, and if you are a beginner, the lessons are accompanied by equipment and suit hire. 


This sport has been ranked as one of the most adventurous of its kind. Rafting requires teamwork, maybe from your friends and family. You work together to ensure you remain on the right path as you cruise through rapids. The water tosses you in all directions as you raft down the stream. That is why it is recommendable to be in the proper safety gear, including knee covers, helmets, and life jackets, because you can be thrown out of the boat at any point. 


Nothing is more enjoyable than being effortlessly pushed on the water surface by the waves or the wind. Expert surfers make the activity look very easy, but mastering it can be tricky for first-timers. A lot of practice is required before you get to balance on the surfboard successfully. The joy that comes with surfing on your first wave should be a motivator for you to sign up for a few surfing lessons. 

Jet Skiing

This sport can be described as riding a motorbike on water. Jet skiing comes with a lot of fun. It is fast, and mastering it does not take up much time. Again, professional skiers make it look easy, but you will need a few lessons to be well-equipped with the sport. There are varying age limits for jet skiing in each country. Swiftly turning the handles is used to regulate the speed. 

When summer comes, it is the best time to hit the water and have some fun. The above-described water sports are some of the best you can indulge in during your next summer vacation. Make sure to include them on your bucket list.