Ten Days Tour From Casablanca: During Vacation

As traveling to Casablanca is an easy, affordable trip, 10 days tour from Casablanca has become an attractive destination for international travelers seeking warm weather and a less cosmopolitan lifestyle. In the old city of Morocco’s capital, you will find exotic architectural marvels that date back more than 600 years – just one of the many exciting things to experience as you explore this wonderful city.

ITINERARY: 10 days.

Day 1: The Old City of Hassan II :

It is located in the city’s heart; it was built on a medieval medina. This is one of Morocco’s most influential Islamic monuments.

Day 2: Mohammed V gardens :

 Located in El Jadida, they are located on an island and overlook the Atlantic Ocean.

Day 3: The Aquarium :

It is located in the Oudayas; it includes the giant aquarium in Africa, which features over 20,000 aquatic species worldwide.

Day 4: Casablanca :

 Here you can visit an impressive Mosque and a famous theatre.

Day 5: Sale :

It is a fascinating archaeological site with a small fishing town by the Atlantic Ocean; it is one of Morocco’s best- medieval cities.

Day 6: Rabat :

Here you can see the Royal Palace, the Parliament and visit the downtown area.

Day 7: Fes :

This is one of Morocco’s most famous tourist destinations. Here you can visit some mosques, tekkes and a university.

Day 8: Meknes : 

The capital of Morocco was at the time of Sultan Moulay Ismail. It contains an exciting mix of Muslim monuments, including palaces and mausoleums.

Day 9: Gharb :

It is located about an hour outside Casablanca tours. It has a small luxury resort and is surrounded by lush vegetation, including date palms and orange groves.

Day 10: Departure from Casablanca :

On this last day, you can say farewell to Morocco and start enjoying your vacation.


Suppose you are planning a vacation in Morocco. In that case, Casablanca is an ideal place to be based: here; you can enjoy warm weather while also having access to a wide variety of exciting things to see and do.