Swiss Hotel With the Best Choices for You

The first time in Switzerland is a trip that will surely be remembered. This small European destination offers travelers a series of discoveries. A trip to the country, if well planned, will be smooth and without major problems or concerns.

  • Understanding and knowing a little about the destination country is essential for the smooth running of the trip and also to make the most of this charming cou So, write down all the tips and be aware of the possible situations you will face to enjoy all the good possibilities. You can visit the boutique hotel zermatt and come up with the best deals there.

Tips for the first time in Switzerland


Pay attention to the expiration date of your passport.To enter Switzerland for the first time, you must have a valid passport. Pay attention to the expiration date of your passport to ensure that it has at least three more months after its return date. It is mandatory that it has this duration, counting on its departure date.


Switzerland does not require a visa for citizens, but the return ticket must be purchased.The visa is required for travel over three months. For tours whose stay is less than ninety days, Switzerland does not require a visa for citizens, however, it is necessary to have the return ticket on the day of entry.

Your immigration can happen in the country of scale, for example. If this happens, you will receive a visa at the destination of the stopover and will already enter Switzerland without having to go through immigration again.

Travel insurance

With travel insurance, you can enjoy everything without worry. Switzerland does not have public hospitals, all medical treatments are paid for and the population needs to have a private health plan. For visitors, travel insurance is required with a minimum coverage of thirty thousand euros, as well as several countries in Europe.

You may not be asked to present the document when entering the country, but even so, be sure to do so. A simple incident can bring you an extremely expensive medical expense in the absence of good insurance, every care is little when choosing your own.

There are several companies that offer this type of service, the values ​​can vary a lot and one of the main factors is the length of stay in the country, choose carefully, observing everything that is included in the coverage to have no surprises.

Switzerland has its own currency: the Swiss franc

Unlike most neighboring countries, whose currency is the euro, Switzerland has its own: the Swiss franc (CHF). Although in the main cities of the country the euro is well accepted, you need to have at least a little bit of the local currency, especially if your itinerary includes towns and alpine villages with few inhabitants.