States To Go See

Many families love to vacation throughout the year to get a break from daily life. It can get monotonous if you go to the same place year after year. Changing where you vacation can help you explore more areas. Here are a few states to consider going to on your next vacation.


Pennsylvania has a lot of history. Gettysburg, Valley Forge, and Philadelphia are just a few places that offer many sights to see. You will also find various sports throughout the state. This state offers some of the best hunting and fishing in the US. No matter your pleasure, you’re sure to find it there.


Alaska is often a forgotten vacation spot because it is not part of the continental US. Its climate is cold most of the year, and not too many people live there. Yet, this state offers some of the best opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Much of the state is remote, so hiking and hunting are extremely popular. If you visit out towards the coast, fishing trips Fairbanks AK can be a great opportunity for you to enjoy some fishing.

South Carolina

South Carolina has some of the most unique landscapes in the US. On the eastern side of the state, you can enjoy the beautiful coasts and ocean. Myrtle Beach and Charleston are two of the most popular cities to visit on the shoreline. As you move inland though, you can find the Blue Ridge Mountains crawling up the state. This state has much to offer for those who are into nature especially.

New Jersey

The state of New Jersey is often overshadowed because of its neighboring states. Though it doesn’t have the fame of its counterparts, it holds popularity of its own. Its shorelines and beaches are some of the most family-friendly beaches in the US. You can also find unique opportunities for crabbing and clamming.

Vacationing is a great way to enjoy time with family and see some new places. These are just a few new places you could go see.