Spring Forward With These Outdoor Activities

As the weather becomes warmer, most people are tempted to spend more of their free time outside. If you’ve spent the winter inside hiding from the cold, consider taking up one of these outdoor hobbies to make the most of the nice weather. Be sure to check the federal guidelines on the novel coronavirus as well as those issued by your state before setting out.


Few pastimes are more relaxing than taking your boat out onto a river, lake or ocean. You can rent or buy a boat from a store that specializes in outdoor equipment. Before you go, make sure that your tank has plenty of gas and find out where you can find replacement marine parts in case something breaks during your trip. Don’t forget your lifejackets, sunscreen and water. If you’re going to fish, bring poles, bait and your state-issued fishing license.


Hiking is a great hobby because you only need a water bottle and a good pair of shoes. Most hikers like to purchase hiking boots, but if you’re a novice, these aren’t necessary. Find a well-marked trail near you by looking for a trail map online or consulting your state’s park services. You should not hike alone unless you are going on a short walk in an area that has a lot of traffic. Pack plenty of water and snacks and remember that if you are hiking in a remote area such as a mountain range, you may not have cell service.


Biking allows you to travel more quickly than when you hike, but you still get plenty of exercise. You can purchase countless varieties of bicycles in stores or online, but you don’t need to buy the fanciest model available. However, bikes with adjustable speeds are useful because they work equally well if you want to go for a leisurely or heart-pumping ride. If you have an old bike, inflate the tires using an air pump and test the brakes before you take it far from your house. You may need to replace the tires or the chain. Other critical items are an adjustable helmet and, if you plan to ride at night, a light.

Don’t stay cooped up inside as the weather becomes warmer. Improve your physical and mental health as you enjoy the outdoors by boating, hiking or biking. Soon, you may come to love exercising outside so much that you won’t want to go inside even when it’s cold again.