Spend your valuable 24 hours in a beautiful place- London

London is famous for its tower bridge, Tower of London, London Eye and Big Ben. As the greatest city in the whole world, London is famous because of all the magnificent and ancient buildings they own. The modern structures and mediaeval buildings are a major source of attraction in London. London is very rich in culture with diverse culture and languages.

The question that arises regarding London

People who stay outside the UK often ask a question that whether this place (London) is a city? From decades it is known to all that London is a city but some people believe that this is not a city but a country. The reason behind this is its popularity.

London comes under the cities of England. The reason behind this is plenty. London is very wealthy city and is considered to be very dominant. This place is the center of money-making. London is seen to contribute about 30% of the whole UK economy.

The famous things about London as a city

London is famous for a bunch of things. If you want to visit London then this must be the places you should add in your bucket list. Visit the British Museum, Hyde Park, Tower of London, walk the Thames, Buckingham Palace, and London Eye.

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Spend a day in London with your family

Wake up in the morning with satisfying hours of sleep. You will be taken back to history when you are in the land of William- the conquerors. You can even visit the tower of London and stay there for a few hours.

After that short, what distance can be covered through walking. Walking beside the tower bridge turns out to be a wonderful moment. You can visit here at any time to have the delicious pie. You can even grab your food at the borough market. This market is open six days a week except for Sunday

You can have your dinner at the same place. Mouth-watering food is served here like meat dishes and sourced fish. Excellent don’t miss the best part of London which is the pubs and the bars.