Some Advice on Fly Fishing in Yosemite National Park

If the thought of reeling in massive fish piques your interest, guided fly fishing trips in Yosemite National Park is the way to go. The Tuolumne and Merced Rivers, the two major watersheds in this part of Northern California, offer a plethora of trout fishing spots. There are popular areas for fly fishing, but a good guide will know the secret spots where you can catch the biggest trout.

Fly Fishing in Yosemite National Park: When to Go and How to Do It

Guided fly fishing trips in Yosemite are best experienced during specific periods of the year, with the season usually beginning in late April. The months of June and July are often the most productive for anglers.

An Exciting Day on the Merced River in Yosemite National Park

When spring rolls around, one of the best places to go fishing is the Crane Flat Area, which is near the Merced River. Near Big Meadow is where you can usually find the best fishing spots on the Crane River. You can reach this fishing spot from the east bank, and it’s a nice one.

Lyell Fork Fly Fishing

In Yosemite National Park, the Lyell Fork is another great spot to go fly fishing. Starting at the parking lot of the Tuolumne Meadows Wilderness Center, the shortest path to this intersection is to follow the Pacific Coast Trail all the way to the shore. You might want to consider hiking the two-kilometer trek beforehand if you’re planning on going fishing. After that, the entire nine miles of canyon will be yours to fish alone.

The Merced River’s Upper Reach

The Upper Merced River is another option for you to consider when fishing. There are a number of routes that lead to the river; one of them is to park at Happy Isles and hike approximately 4.5 kilometers to Little Yosemite Valley. Because the river is rather muddy after spring rains, the best time to fish here is around the middle of July, when temperatures are warm. The top spots for fishing the Upper Merced River are near Bunnell Cascade.

Fly Fishing at Tenya Lake

Instead of fighting your way through the crowds in Crane Flat Area, try your luck at Tenya Creek. The Lower Pines Campground is a good place to start your fishing trip, but if you’re feeling adventurous, you should follow this stream for another 2.5 miles until it reaches Mirror Lake. The large parts of this creek are where you’ll find the greatest fishing. Not getting close enough makes fishing less enjoyable as the lake transforms into a stony stream.

A Guide to Yosemite Fly Fishing Lines

Because conditions can change throughout the day, a guide can advise you on the best fly to use based on the present conditions. This is one of those situations where having a guide is really helpful. Observing the water in which fish swim is the most reliable method for determining their diet. The next step is to select a copycat that closely resembles it. If you can’t find any feeding in that region, try using a common bug to catch fish. Choose a fly that makes you feel good about your fishing abilities.

For a dedicated fisherman looking to up your odds, Sierra Fly Fisher is the way to go. With someone who is as passionate about the place, go on exhilarating guided fly fishing trips in Yosemite National Park.