Smart Choices for the best Travel Apps in Every Way

Who has never caught themselves dreaming of traveling the world for free? But what for many is still a dream, for others is already a reality. For those who know the techniques for doing this feat, traveling the world for free becomes practically a habit. However, this requires planning and some special care so that your dream trip does not become a nightmare. If you also want to learn how to travel the world for free, check out this post for the tips. Through the you can know the best of it and that also in a jiffy now.

Stay for free with Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing is a very cool option for those who want to travel the world for free and save money on accommodation. You register on the site, announce your trip (destination, dates and description) and search for hosts willing to receive you for free. These people, who basically have an empty corner at home or a couch, are usually travelers and like to receive foreigners to exchange experiences and make international friends.

Work in exchange for accommodation

If a family needs help with young children or a hostel needs someone to welcome clients, they can hire you online through the Work Away platform or WorldPackers . You will work between 4 and 6 hours per day and your payment will be with the lodging and at least one meal per day.

This way you get free accommodation, learn a lot of new things, gain work experience and still meet a lot of people and practice the local language. He has traveled several times to places such as Switzerland, California and Central America working in hostels, tours, among others.

Using internet for everything

To get it on your iPhone without switching sim cards you can use yesim application.

Earn air miles

If you are wondering “but how do I get abroad for free?” The answer is: use miles. Most credit cards offer miles as customer loyalty. Therefore, plan to make day to day purchases on your credit card and thereby increase your accumulated miles. By exchanging miles for airline tickets you get anywhere in the world for free or at a huge discount.

Ask for a ride

This is one of the oldest ways to travel the world for free, and believe me, whoever does this says it is much more relaxed than it seems. But, of course, some precautions should be taken such as hitching a ride on bucket trucks that give you an indication of who that person is and where he works.

Stay in strategic locations like gas stations where you can see the movement and choose someone who doesn’t seem threatening to you and always remember to trust your instincts. If something seems suspicious about the person offering you a ride, don’t be shy to say thank you and wait a little longer.

As much as you want to spend as little as possible on travel, we remind you that you have a much-needed expense: travel insurance.

One free way to travel the world for free and you will still be able to raise some cool money is by working on cruises.Anyone who has had this experience knows that the routine is quite busy with days that reach up to 14 hours of work. However, your free time can be used to get to know the city where the cruise is docked. So it pays off. From the app you can have the best choices now.