Shipping of Cars: Perfect Choices for The Same and Costs

The car transport price is estimated between 200 € and 500 € and depends, if it is a car transport by train or car transport by truck and the distance to be covered. Car transport to Europe or to the French overseas departments and territories such as car transport to Guadeloupe or to Réunion is more expensive.

These are indicative car transport prices to give you an idea of ​​the expenses to take into account when you want to transport a car. For example, if you have to transport a non-rolling vehicle or a classic car, the costs vary. To find out the real cost of car transport, it is best to call in professionals. Now Learn how much it costs to ship a car overseas now.

Request a quote for personalized rates

If you are currently organizing your move and want to know the price for transporting your car, ask for a personalized quote and save on your costs . By filling out the form via our service, you will be able to get in touch with companies in your region who will offer you tailor-made quotes. Evaluate the different offers directly from your home and choose the solution that best suits your needs.

Avoid wear and tear on your car

This may seem superfluous, since the car is already a means of transport and does not need to be transported. But if you move from Rennes to Marseille, a journey of almost more than 1000 km , driving as much distance is physically demanding and almost impossible if you want to organize your move in the same day / weekend. Not to mention that it can also be expensive and, depending on the condition of your car, such a journey is sometimes simply not possible.

Why is it more expensive to transport your car yourself?

If you want to calculate the price for car transport, between gasoline, tolls, wear and tear of your car and also the risk of breakdown or road accident on long journeys, auto car transport is relatively expensive. If, in addition, you move with your family, such a trip can be painful after all the stress of a move.

How to transport a car?

Several solutions are available to you for transporting your vehicle from your current residence to your new home. Each of the options listed below offers variable warranties and services at different rates. Be sure to find out beforehand about the advantages of these vehicle transport solutions in order to find the most satisfactory service:

  • car transport on set
  • car transport by group page
  • rental of a flatbed truck
  • conveying or transporting the car by a professional driver
  • private car transport
  • car transport by truck
  • car transport by container

Check that your car documents are in order

Movers can pick up your car from the collection point upon delivery, but you must first check that you have all the documents necessary for moving the car. From an administrative point of view, you remain the person in charge of your vehicle.