River cruises in the Netherlands: What to expect on a Dutch cultural cruise

Maybe you’ve already travelled the world, or you could be just starting. But if you are reading this, the chances are you are new to river cruises and are wondering what to expect when sailing through the Netherlands. That’s where this list comes in handy. Here are four things that make river cruises in the Netherlands a unique experience:


Your room is coming along

Literally. You may be visiting many cities, but you’ll only need to check in once. The room, the lobby and your favorite breakfast spot will be following you on this voyage. If on one of the days you decide to stay on board, you’ll simply enjoy the views pass by as your ship cruises along the rivers, smoothly gliding to the next destination. And if this is not a luxury in itself, the Dutch river cruise boats are essentially floating boutique hotels, where staff just can’t wait to exceed your expectations, so prepare to be pampered.    


The food 

No more wondering what and where to eat. Your floating hotel will have a professional restaurant kitchen and a world-class chef making sure your meals are as exciting as the rest of your travels. 

Since you’ll be cruising the Netherlands and docking at new harbors every day, the fresh and local produce will be delivered to the galley daily. Should you have any dietary restrictions, you’ll only have to mention it once while booking, you can then enjoy safe and pleasant meals throughout your travels. 


Great Company

Whether you’ll be boarding the river cruise alone or not, you’ll be sharing experiences, dinner and a majestic view from the deck with a small group of fellow travelers. And that is a sure recipe for some beautiful late-night conversations.

River cruises through the Netherlands are also guided by passionate and knowledgeable professionals. They will show you around on land and join you during the relaxed evenings onboard where the discussions continue around the table. 


Available all through the year

So if luxury and culture are your prerequisite for good travels, river cruises through the Netherlands might become your favorite pastime. And since the rivers in this part of Europe do not freeze, the cruises are available all year round. The summer and spring tours will take you to the postcard-worthy sites. But the fall and winter moths are when the Dutch culture season really blooms. And whatever season you choose to cruise, the jacuzzi on the deck will be a constant perk.