Reasons Why You Should Vacation on The Oregon Coast

The breathtaking Oregon Coast offers some of the most scenic geography available in the West. Every year, thousands of people come to visit this coastal getaway. When you plan for your next vacation, there are several reasons why you should consider spending time on the Oregon Coast.

The Beaches

By following Highway 101 down the Oregon Coast, you will drive through several quaint beachside towns. Seaside, Ocean Shores, Cannon Beach, Rockaway Beach, Newport, Bandon and Astoria make up just a fraction of the lovely villages that offer a unique spot for a beach vacation. The beaches in this area provide a close-up experience with the mighty Pacific Ocean. Many sea creatures, including whales, seals, dolphins, and smaller crustaceans like Dungeness crabs, starfish, oysters, clams, mussels and others, make Oregon beaches their homes. 

Visitors choose to partake in Beach Adventures Ocean Shores WA, for example, as part of the full range of their vacation activities. Similarly, a local beach guide can answer questions and provide information so that your trip to the beach becomes memorable. In addition, consider taking self-guided tours of the towns to experience coastal living in person.

The Forests

Majestic evergreen forests provide the backdrop to the beaches and seaside towns that dot the Oregon Coast. These forests provide homes for deer, elk and a vast array of wild birds. Bird watching, nature journaling and wildlife photography make pleasurable pastimes for your coastal vacation, and a visit to the forests provides many suitable subjects.

The Atmosphere

Typically, the Oregon Coast enjoys a mild climate year-round. The coast runs cooler than inland temperatures, making it a prime spot to visit during the warm summer months. Winter also engages the senses because crashing waves and storms at sea give visitors the chance to see the ocean at its wildest. The tiny towns feature a quirky appeal because of architecture and its adornment. In addition, several music and art festivals abound, as do farmers’ markets and other activities, for your pleasure.

The Oregon Coast makes a prime vacation spot for these reasons and more. The Pacific Ocean awaits you.