Reasons Why Mountain Biking is the Next Big Sport: And Why You Should Try It

Nothing beats the exhilaration of a fast descent on a mountain bike across beautiful scenery, especially seeing the breathtakingly stunning vistas of Super 8 Fernie. As a mountain biker, you can enjoy the outdoors, make new friends, and improve your health in many ways.

Aside from the apparent advantages of regular fitness and cardiovascular exercise, mountain bikingin Fernie also offers the following benefits:

  1. Better Cardiovascular Health

Maintaining a regular exercise routine is believed to increase cardiovascular fitness. Bicycling at least 20 miles per week has been shown to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by almost half, according to a study of 10,000 participants conducted by the British Medical Association. The substantial muscle groups used in mountain biking have high oxygen needs. A steady heartbeat results in a 3-to-7% improvement in cardiovascular fitness.

  1. The Joints Experience Decreased Stress

Compared to other forms of cardiovascular exercises, like jogging, mountain biking is easier on the joints. Since you sit while cycling, your joints don’t have to endure as much weight, making cycling a non-load-bearing sport.

  1. Decreased Risk of Diseases

Moderate exercise consistently has been shown to improve immune function and prolong health. Researchers discovered that those who cycled for 30 minutes5 days a week had half the number of sick days as their less active peers. In addition, the study revealed that women who engaged in regular physical activity, such as cycling to work, had a lower risk of developing breast cancer.

4) Reduced Stress and Improved Mood

The physical challenges of mountain biking trigger the release of natural endorphins, which are the body’s way of making you feel good and giving you more energy. Serotonin, a key chemical that helps keep depression and anxiety at bay, is also boosted by regular exercise. Riding technical singletrack requires a high level of concentration, which may be viewed as a moving meditation that can help you unwind and cope with life’s stresses by diverting your mind away from things weighing you down. Improvements in mountain bike skills and knowledge can boost one’s sense of self-worth.

  1. Improved Cognitive Abilities

Scientists found that cyclists who improved their cardiorespiratory fitness by just 5% saw their performance on cognitive tests rise by as much as 15%. One reason is that new neurons are being created in the hippocampus, the portion of the brain responsible for storing information. Professor Arthur Kramer explained the protective effects of exercise against Alzheimer’s disease: “It stimulates blood flow and oxygen to the brain, which fires and regenerates receptors.”

People in executive and creative roles often use their exercise time to generate new ideas and solve problems, as their brains are most alert and productive.

  1. Enhanced Coordination and Balance

In contrast to stationary workouts on a treadmill or stair stepper, mountain biking is a dynamic sport that demands constant adaptation to changes in terrain, pitch, and height. In addition to preventing crashes, the mental and physical benefits of maintaining a steady and secure position on a mountain bike are considerable. Coordination and balance are skills that involve several systems, including the central nervous system, sensory organs, and muscles. Maintaining these systems as we age prevents age-related disabilities and minimizes the danger of falls.

  1. Full-Body Exercise

Those who ride regularly will have developed calf muscles, but many people don’t realize that mountain biking engages almost every muscle in the body. It’s no secret that cycling is a great way to tone your butt and get rock-hard thighs, calves, and legs. Constantly relying on your core muscles to keep you upright is a great way to become in shape. Your upper body will get a good workout from climbing and navigating turns. In addition, you may get great exercise while mountain biking without having to shell out hundreds of dollars for a gym membership or hire a personal trainer.

  1. Get a Better Night’s Rest

Although you may feel exhausted after a ride, you will be better able to get restorative sleep at night. Cortisol, the hormone that keeps us alert, is lowered by the activity of riding. Because it takes place in the great outdoors, mountain biking boosts your body’s natural generation of vitamin D and helps you maintain your body’s normal sleep/wake cycle. Late-night rides should be kept to a minimum because they have the opposite effect of producing stimulating endorphins that can save you awake.

  1. Positive Effects on Society

It has been established by researchers in the relatively new subject of happiness psychology that fulfilling relationships and other forms of social contact are crucial to achieving fulfilment and satisfaction in one’s life. Many mountain bike enthusiasts join clubs or groups regularly, going for rides together. It’s a great chance to meet individuals who share your interests and develop meaningful relationships with them.

  1. Take Time to Appreciate the Great Outdoors

What better way to appreciate nature than to come close to thorny bushes and consume some trail dust? But in all seriousness, mountain biking is the best way to leave civilization behind swiftly and experience the beauty and peace of nature since it takes you away from the crowds and into the wilderness. Forest bathing is a Japanese term for spending time in the forest to improve one’s relaxation and decrease tension. The brain’s fear and anxiety areas are suppressed in a crowded urban setting. If you ride your bike more often, you might also develop a preference for eco-friendly behaviours.


While the incredible people you’ll meet while out on your bike are a massive highlight of mountain biking, its health benefits make mountain biking a favourite pastime for many people for decades.Due to the increasing rates of chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and obesity, it is more important than ever to exercise regularly and preferably in natural settings.

Where to Go

Regarding mountain biking, Fernie has been a popular location for quite some time. The types of trails being built in the region have evolved alongside the various riding styles that have gained popularity. There is a vast network of trails around Fernie, with options ranging from easy enough for beginners to make you nervous to the point where even seasoned riders would be intimidated. It would be best if you made it a priority to go mountain biking in Fernie.

Places to Go Bicycling In

The city of Fernie is divided into five distinct gondola districts. Ski Hill, Mt. Proctor, Ridgemont, Castle Mountain/Montane, and Fernie Provincial Park. The paths in each region have their character and flow. Since Ridgemont and Castle Mountain face mostly south and southwest, they are usually the first to open in the spring. Mount Proctor, the local favourite, Swine Flu, and Castle Mountain/Montane typically follow suit, while Ski Hill and Mount Fernie are the last to clear out due to their more northern faces and deeper forests.

Reserve ARoom at the Fernie Fox Hotel

All of Fernie’s trails are within a short bike ride of the Fernie Fox Hotel. In other words, if you plan on mountain biking in the Fernie area, this is the place to stay. There is a place to clean bikes right at the motel.