Planning A Trip To Barcelona? Here Are Some Handy Tips For You!

The beautiful city of Barcelona is set along the coastlines of the Mediterranean Sea and is well-known for its urban design, diversity, nightlife, beach lifestyle, and many other exciting things. The city is always full of energy and feels much larger than it actually is. Well, if you are a first-time traveler and want some guidance, here are some important tips to take note of:

  • Try to walk everywhere- Barcelona is known to be one of the most walkable cities because of its engineered street gridding-system. Not just the historic sites but most of the Catalan capital can be explored by just walking. 
  • Learn some basic Catalan- Catalonia is officially part of Spain and Spanish is spoken widely in Barcelona. However, Catalan is spoken by most of the local residents and the autonomous government. Hence, many local shops are spelled in Catalan and not in Spanish. Learning just basic Catalan will be very helpful in your trip. 
  • Order Vermouth instead of Sangria- You might have heard a lot of Sangria even before visiting the city, so as soon as you enter a bar you might go for one. But we suggest you to order a nice caramel and cinnamon-infused Vermouth. It is the most famous and local drink of Barcelona. If you want to try something fancier, order a Cava, staple white wine of Catalonia.
  • Do not forget the Beaches- Of course, you have to visit the beautiful beaches in the city located along the Mediterranean Sea. Most Barcelona tourists will suggest you to visit the famous La Barceloneta beach. But since it is very famous, it is always crowded and packed with tourists. We would rather suggest visiting relatively less popular beaches like San Sebestia, Bogatell, etc.
  • Get lost in the Street Art of Barcelona- It may not be listed in the must-visit places, but the infamous Street Arts of Barcelona are extraordinary. Along with beautiful architecture, you will find beautiful street arts here. Piex at Carrer de Ramon and El Gato del Raval at Rambla del Raval is worth mentioning.
  • Hike to Bunkers del Carmel- If you do not mind a hike, you should definitely climb the Bunkers del Carmel. From here, the entire city of Barcelona with the sea in the backdrop is visible.

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