Planning a Successful First Cruise for Your Family

If you are considering or just booked your family’s first cruise, you probably are thinking about all the many details you need to complete before you leave in the coming weeks or months. Here are three often-overlooked details you should plan for before you say, “Bon Voyage”!

Transportation Logistics

Along with planning your transportation to/from the cruise terminal, one critical piece can be determining what you will do with your car or rental car while you are on your cruise. You want your vehicle to be safe, insured and ready and waiting for you when you return from your vacation so make sure to locate cruise parking New Orleans LA before you leave and prepay ahead of time to avoid extra hassle the day of your cruise.

Port Excursions

You will want to determine ahead of time your plans for port days. Many families opt to utilize port excursions through the cruise ship company, so it is a coordinated plan. But if you decide to go off and do your own activities, just make sure you leave plenty of time for moving to/from the ship before it departs for the next port.


Just like any other vacation, cruise vacations can end up being delayed, canceled or just not possible for any number of reasons. Often times cruises are planned well ahead of time and they are often quite expensive and paid ahead of time with little to no possibility of canceling and getting refunded. Therefore, purchasing a comprehensive travel insurance plan can be a very wise investment for the peace of mind and saved financial investment if the unthinkable should happen.

Traveling on a cruise as a family for the first time is exciting and a great way to see the world. However, like any vacation, planning and organizing ahead of time will help you fully relax come trip time. So do the extra leg work of planning these details ahead of time so you can be cruising the seas in no time.