Plan a Trip to Croatia

Croatia is one of our favorite countries for several reasons: it has super interesting and beautiful cities like Split Dubrovnik or Pula , towns full of charm, natural parks where you can enjoy the power of nature, beaches that have nothing to envy the Caribbean and a gastronomy that has been able to merge Balkan flavors with Italian recipes. So if you have chosen Croatia as your next destination, we can only tell you that you have been right and to help you plan your trip, in this post we are going to give you a few tips for traveling to Croatia (and not screw it up). For A Taste Of Croatia you need to know the followings.

Tips for traveling to Croatia

The first thing is to know what the best time to travel to Croatia is. We have visited Croatia twice so far: the first in late September and the second in late July. Throughout most of the year, the country enjoys good weather and taking away the winter months when the temperature plummets, the rest of the year seems like a very good time to visit the country. Now, if you ask us what the best time to travel to Croatia is, we would tell you that the months of May, September and October. We would avoid the summer months since, especially the coast, it is usually crowded.

How many days does it take to get to know Croatia? Good question! If you want to enjoy the main tourist spots, 2 weeks is the perfect time. But if you can dedicate one more, much better!

A base itinerary for traveling to Croatia could be this:

  • Zagreb (1 day)
  • Pula and Istria (3 days)
  • Plitvice Lakes (1 day)
  • Split (2 days)
  • Dubrovnik (2 days)

And 7 days to distribute between a couple of islands

One of the most frequent questions is how to get to Croatia from Spain? There are still not many low cost flights connecting countries economically, so if you can afford it, we always recommend taking a combo trip from 3 countries, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia. In this case, it is best to get to the airport of Venice, Treviso or Trieste and from there (after visiting the city of arrival, if you do not know it), travel to Ljubljana , the capital of Slovenia. With 3 days here you will be able to know the most beautiful and famous points of the country, it will surprise you! And then by bus travel toZagreb, where to start your Croatian adventure.

Another option is to fly to Dubrovnik (direct flights from Barcelona and Madrid with Vueling or Iberia) and also visit two of the most beautiful countries in the Balkans: Bosnia (Mostar and Sarajevo are, for us, essential) and Montenegro, where we recommend you to spend about 2-3 days visiting Kotor and its bay.How much does it cost to travel to Croatia? We have this post where we talk about this and how much budget you will need on your trip.