Philippe Pubellier: A Charming Cottage in the heart of Cheyrac

Philippe Pubellier, a charming house of the XVth century in France is located in the hearts of Cheyrac; an exotic village is situated 1 km away from the fortress of Polignac. Puy-en-Velay, one of the nearby attractions is located 10 minutes away from this cottage. This is situated adjacent to the upholsterer’s workshop. This old building from the 15th century has been renovated with beautiful architecture in 2013 and was convertedinto a charming cottage with a bed and breakfast hotel called “Nattitude”.


The place is located at the centre of the picturesque village of Cheyrac and has been furnished with beautifully restored houses. The village can be seen from the balcony, the terrace and the garden. The beautiful cottage is classified as 3épisGîtede France.

Inside the Cottage

The cottage has a bedroom with a double bed as well as a single bed. There is a large living room with a balcony, kitchen, and a terrace adjoining an enclosed garden on the same level. The garden is sheltered and furnished with garden furniture and a barbecue. There are two bedrooms and one mezzanine (2 double beds and 2 single beds), bathroom with a shower and a separate toilet. They also have other luxuries such as central heating, space for car parking, and baby equipment.

Puy-en-Velay: The Next City after the Village

Le Puy-en-Velay is a historic French pilgrimage city which is located in the Massif Central Mountains about 100 km southwest of Lyon and 150 km south of Clermont Ferrand. This city is visible from the mighty medieval fortress of Polignac, built on the top of a large volcanic outcrop.

Sites to visit in Le Puy City

Le Puy grew up at the base of two substantial masses of basalt, cones of ancient volcanoes. On the smaller parts of these, a small hermitage was built in the year 969. It is still present today and is the centre of tourist attraction as the most beautiful Church known as the chapel of Saint Michel de l’Aiguilhe.

The cathedral of Le Puy is remarkable for the Byzantine influence in its architecture. From a path winding up behind the cloisters, there is a great statue of Notre Dame de France, from in the year 1860 using the iron from 213 cannons captured during the siege of Sebastopol, in the Crimea.

The old city of Le Puy has beautiful streets that are perfectly interconnected and the houses are painted in subtle colours. The best thing about this city is that you can enjoy various cafes and shops. You can also get a glimpse of the lace makers working near to the shops.  Le Puy has been famous for centuries for being a centre of lace making. Besides, the famous museum of Le Puy- Musée Crozatier museum is known for having an amazing collection of the 19th-century French art and artefacts which may be of geological interest.

Thus, this beautiful cottage is a perfect destination to enjoy your holidays. It is an Eco-sensitive accommodation that allows you to be at peace and solitude.