Order Delicious Sweets Online In Your Journey and Celebrate Janmashtami in Train

Dessert or sweets lovers frequently use transportation as an excuse to indulge in Bengal ka Sandesh, Agra ka petha, and Mathura ka peda. Currently, zoopIndia is offering dessert aboard trains. The IRCTC-accredited meal delivery app, which distributes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food aboard trains, is this one.

So that passengers can enjoy each and every festival weather rakhi, Independence Day or Janmashtami with Food Delivery in Train you can now order your favorite dessert on the train. All you just need to do is:

Download the zoopIndia app to order desserts while traveling.

Put your PNR number in the given option as well as your train number.

Select your preferred station where you want your dessert to be delivered then the restaurant and finally your dessert.

Pay the bill. You can pay online as well as offline on delivery.

On the train, enjoy a sweet delivery at your seat.

Learn about 15 delectable desserts you can order aboard trains in this article.

Order Famous Bengali Sweet On Train:

You can now easily order sweets on train with an online delivery system. Especially these Bengali sweets.


Sandesh: A dessert known as Sandesh or Sondesh is a favorite among Bengali locals. The decadent sweet treat is created with milk, sugar, or jaggery. Sandesh comes in a variety of flavors, such as Strawberry Sandesh, Nolen Gurer Atta Sandesh, and Korapak Ice Cream Sandesh, that make you drool even before you’ve had a bite. Make sure to indulge in these delectable and traditional Bengali treats when you next visit Kolkata.

Rasgulla: Rasgulla is India’s second most popular dessert. Rasgulla is a dish that surprises us with its flavor, and the story that goes with it is no different. There are still sour disagreements between the two states over where this renowned treat originated. According to some historians, Rasogulla was the starting point for Bengal, whereas according to Odia, it was the beginning of Puri as Kheer Mohan.


Order Delicious Malpua And Jalebi In Train:


Both of these are festival sweets that are ordered by many people. Now you can order it on the train also with Food Delivery in Train service.

Malpua is the oldest Indian dessert. Amalu is another name for this confection that was served to Lord Jagganath at Puri. The festive treat known as malpua is also enjoyed in Bangladesh, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, and Nepal. Malpua recipes that use milk khoya, flour, bananas, and fennel are delectably simple to make. After that, the delicious pancake is covered in syrup, providing delightful satisfaction.A daily serving of jalebi can prevent mood swings.

Jalebis are spherical, orange-colored, coil-shaped sweet treats that are served in the West Asian region. Indians have a big sweet tooth, therefore jalebis are consumed with copious amounts of chai on any given occasion. This delicious treat is known as India’s national sweet. The finest way to enjoy jalebis is with milk or rabri.

Famous Bihar Dessert That You Can Enjoy In Train:


Black Plum: Gulab Jamun : The typical sweet food in North India is gulab jamun. A spherical ball of flour, milk sugar, cardamom, and fragrant syrup is used to make gulab jamuns. It is yet another widely consumed sweet variety that pairs beautifully with ice cream. In Bihar, it is also known as Lal Mohan. In any part of India, you should sample gulab jamun.

Khaja: A typical dessert found in Bihar close to Buddhist temples is called silao khaja. Khaja is a unique treat enjoyed during weddings or other significant events. Gourmets are always delighted with Rajgir or Nalanda’s 52 layers of sweetmeat. The world-famous dessert is flawless that you must order online in train. So, if you still believe that Litti Chokha is the only dish that Bihar is known for, it is time for you to visit the state and add some mouth-watering Khaja, a delicacy from heaven, to your trip.

Order Some Sweets For Rakhi, Independence Day And Janmashtami On Train:

Make an order for sweets with Food Delivery in Train service to make your festival memorable on the train.

Peda: A favorite of Krishna :- A delectable delicacy made with khoya called peda is presented to Lord Krishna. This delectable treat is native to Mathura. According to the Vedas, mother Yashoda created the milk Peda for her son Krishna; since then, the Peda has gained notoriety. If you have the good fortune to order Peda from ZoopIndia to Mathura station two hours before arriving, you can travel anywhere by rail via Mathura.

Soan Papdi: The Pleasure Box:- Those who are constantly seeking sweetness will get a sugar rush from Soan Papadi. The most recent social media craze is the finger-licking Sohan Papadi meme. Unexpectedly, Soan Papadi is available in a variety of flavours that you may have never tried, including chocolate, elaichi, and others. A tasty treat that is crisp and flaky melts in your tongue while you enjoy the taste. Soan Papdi is the best reason to enjoy any joy, whether it be your birthday or your appraisal.

Cashew Fudge: Kaju Barfi :- Marwari desserts like kaju barfi are well-known to sugar junkies. The diamond-shaped treats that are constantly consumed in India require sugar, ghee, and cashews. Without Kaju Barfi, also known as Kaju Katli, a visit to your family or a gathering at your house for a wedding or festival would be incomplete.