Mumbai: A place for fine dining

One can see the traces of Mumbai’s colorful history through the diverse food culture. For years, the maximum city has been celebrated as a melting pot of cuisines from all across the globe.

In this article, let’s explore some of the fine dining restaurants in Mumbai that offer the city’s flavor in every morsel.


Oberoi Hotel’s celebrated fine dining restaurant in Mumbai – Ziya predominantly offers you contemporary Indian cuisine. However, you can also indulge in continental cuisine with an intriguing twist, here. The chefs at this restaurant have mastered the art of serving exotic spices and aromatic herbs with great finesse.

The décor of the hotel efficiently translates the essence of the word ‘Ziya’ meaning ‘light’ or ‘splendor’. This restaurant is elegantly furnished. The spacious and comfortable seating elevates the overall dining experience at this restaurant.

The Table:

Crowned as one of Asia’s best 500 restaurants in the Miele Guide 2013, The Table certainly is a fine dining restaurant in Mumbai that’s worth every penny. Step-in here and you will be in awe of the black-and-white floors and green velvet armchairs. The sparkling cocktails and a spread of delicious delicacies along with the lively jazzy atmosphere are sure to take you on an epic trip of the fine dining experience. Dishes served here are influenced mainly by international techniques and flavors. The Table’s menu features unique dishes such as lobster sliders, quesadillas with green pea guacamole, and the delicious beet and mascarpone risotto.

Neel – Tote on the turf:

Nestled in the lush canopy of rain trees along with the stunning panoramic views of the city, Neel is a celebrated fine dining restaurant in Mumbai. It also one of those rare restaurants in Mumbai that offer great views along with beautiful dishes. The overall décor of the restaurant is chic. The subtle cream color walls duly complements the wooden tables and chair. Soft music serenades the dinners, all day long. This restaurant offers some of the best vegetarian and meat dishes in the town.


If you want to taste one of the best ways flavors of the Indian spices, Jamavar by The Leela Mumbai is a place to head to. This fine-dining restaurant in Mumbai serves authentic North and South Indian dishes in town. The menu of this restaurant features everything. Right from succulent kebabs to the rich, creamy curries and fragrant Dum Biryanis, you’ll find it all here. The overall décor is stylish with a touch of India’s royal era.

If you want to witness the authentic taste of the city, head to these restaurants the next time you are in town.