May We Welcome You To Menorca: One Of The Best Places To Visit In A Low Season

May is just around the corner, and this is definitely one of the best times to travel to the island. And it is that in Menorca the climate is becoming more and more temperate, little by little welcoming the most summery temperatures.

With winter increasingly behind and temperatures rising, Menorca the water that surrounds the island becomes more and more inviting for visitors.

However, this season has an advantage that very little is said in general: the small number of people that are going to meet here.

Although in May the island will not be in the middle of summer, the truth is that visiting the island in low season months has advantages in terms of accommodation availability, prices, ease of finding car hire menorca services, in addition to not being never with the scenario of having to book too far in advance to go, thus making the island a perfect destination for a few-day getaways in the midst of a hectic season in the cities.

May can be quite welcoming in the island

The pleasant temperatures of around 22 degrees, without being as scorching as in midsummer, are in fact quite suitable to enjoy the island both at sea and on land. However, as May is not too high a season, it is in fact significantly easier to find both accommodation and flights more accessible than they normally are.

From the tours on land, such as the famous Cami de Cavalls (to be held in May), the routes through the pueblos touring the architectural beauties of the place, as well as all the marine attractions that were too cold before to be enjoyed, it is precisely to starting in May when the island shows all its colors.

We are talking then about an ideal season because due to the low number of people it will be easier to enjoy the entire landscape. The best coves on the island, the beaches, the kayak excursions, boating or fishing, Menorca will surely have something for every visitor who seeks to get away from the daily grind of the city routine.

And is that as Menorca is an island in the Mediterranean Sea, it enjoys quite friendly temperatures throughout the year. Even during winter the minimum temperatures are far from approaching 0 degrees, making the island an ideal place to visit if you are looking to escape the colder climate at least for a season.