Little-known activities in Cancun

Many times we have felt awful for not having enjoyed more of our trips in the city. Not necessarily for not having time, but for not having enough money to know more places or for not having an idea of which sites are the ones that we could visit other beaches and our hotel.

Cities like Cancun are some of the few that, besides having essential tourist sites, have an endless number of activities outside the hotel zone to travel and meet, and not many know them.

In your list of places to visit, write down the following sites.

Planetarium Kayok’.

This place is one of the most famous attractions among the citizens of Cancun because you can learn more about the constellations and a little about the Mayan culture, which left an indelible mark in Quintana Roo, Yucatan and other states of southeastern Mexico.

Wheel of Fortune

Located outside Plaza la Isla (an incredible square, by the way), you will find the wheel of fortune of Cancun, which in turn serves as an observatory for all those lovers of impact views. Here you will appreciate the pleasant double face of Cancun, one side of the lagoon and the other side of the sea, the magnitude, and beauty of the hotel zone adorned with palm trees and so on.

You must know that this attraction can only climb in a car with three other people besides you.

 El Rey Archaeological Zone

One of the least known archeological sites in Cancun is the King. Where you can enjoy a complete view of how small Mayan villages built temples, built rooms, and offered ceremonies to their sacred gods. Be sure to visit him and buy some of the souvenirs to take home a piece of the authentic representation of the Mayan civilization.

 Esquites, Marquesitas, and Quesadillas in Las Palapas Park

Don’t you know any of these Mexican cravings?

It’s time to find out why they say Cancun is a giant gastronomic explosion because here, you’ll find everything from pizzas to quesadillas and esquites. You can’t miss the weekend cultural show either, where dozens of dancers and actors perform at the place to offer cultural entertainment to every visitor to the site.

Green Navel Park

This place is one of the enormous oxygen lungs in Cancun and is in reserve and custody. Still, the entrance completely admitted, walk the roads of this immense park and enjoy a breath of fresh air while you relax and contemplate the beauty of more than 200 species of plants and trees that populate the place with a characteristic vibrant green tone.

Malecón Tajamar

Malecon is one of the places where kids and adults love to be because, in this area, you will be free to skate, run, or admire the beauty of the Nichupte lagoon in the viewpoint.

Before traveling, remember that you have to have everything ready. Since most of the activities of this place are in the center of the city, we recommend that you get a Cancun airport car rental service to get around quickly and easily.