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Hulltimate Innovation

Hulltimate is the creation of a specialist boatman with more than twenty years of experience. It is an ultimate technology due to its simplicity, effectiveness, and design. The versatile Hulltimate is going to transform the industry of boating forever. It’s simple to handle; even inexperienced boaters can quickly install and transport this simple hull. The upgrade will extensively improve the hull designs in existence for increased stability and speed. Now everyone has a high chance of taking their Catamaran Experience to a different state with top-notch performance. The Two-Piece Hull is professionally adaptable and designed to a variety of boating applications.

Great For

It’s suitable for weekend adventures, sailing, vacationing, renting, fishing, planting, and barging.

Unique Hulltimate with several customized accessories

Sailing Kit

You can cruise for no charges with a simple to install and easy to use sail.

Planing Kit

Also, you can travel at high velocity with a planing insert that has a patent.


Trailer Kit

You can use the trailer kit to transport Hulltimate across different terrains. The trailer has a simple to install procedure.

Barge Kit

You can convert Hulltimate in a Barge with two Planing Kits to hold more than two thousand pounds.

Tent Kit

You can pitch a tent in any area like an uneven surface, rocks, or a swamp. Stay dry completely.

Fishing Kit

You can transform your Hulltimate in a Bass-style Boat with adequate space for gear, cooler, and seats.

Suspension Kit

It is a kit that will overcome the wave’s intensity. The Inflated Patented Insert will change the shape as it pounds the waves to absorb shock. The kit will enable you to move on waters when the other types of boats are completely stuck on the shores.

What makes the Hulltimate different than current competitors & models?

At times simple designs are the best. The patent Hulltimate ensures boating remains something to afford for families. It is additionally a multi-purpose platform, which can adapt to several uses. Hulltimate provides excellent high and low-speed performances since you can be able to convert it from a Catamaran to a Monohull. The suspension framework enables the boat to be reliable, where other boats cannot pass. The boat is pocket-friendly since it can accommodate the whole family for a minimal cost. Hulltimate is easily convertible to various uses like suspending.





There is no single boat at this cost. Nothing is similar to this.


Competitive Advantage

It involves a low cost, can be easily transported, patented, highly adaptable, it is faster, safer while handling, and has ride comfort/suspension.


The idea came to life like a year ago, and the patent registered last October. The testing process started in December and the creation of the Prototype in the spring.

Risk and Challenges

We have vast experience in creating consumer products. We know about matters of manufacturing challenges. An excellent design depends on experience and time, which we have in plenty. We are also strict when it comes to quality; we produce products of high quality. iphone battery case KIT by AMPR.