How to Book a B1 Level English Test

B1 Level English Test is what people call an “Intermediate Level.” This is the third level test and if you are looking to book a B1 Level English Test. Well, you are in the right place. Down below are a few guidelines that need to be followed to book the test. Check the guidelines and proceed accordingly. Hopefully, the information provided here would be able to answer your queries and help you to get more understanding.

Process of Booking a B English Test:

The process is quite simple and you just have to follow a few steps to book the test. Just make sure that you are proceeding accordingly and that would be all.

  • Your Passport is the only piece of document that you need. Just make sure that before filling up the form you have your passport number ready in your hands. Your other documents such a Voter ID, Student ID card or even your driving license will be useless here. If you are not 18 years of age you need to carry a consent form signed by your parents. The passport is not required on the examination day.
  • A Candidate Information Brochure is available and you can download that. This one is quite important as it contains all the information about the examination. Some of those are the number of questions, types of questions, mark distribution, etc.
  • After both of these are done, you need to check for the availability of the dates. This is quite important as there are limited seats, so one should check the availability one month before the date of the examination.
  • When you have your dates set, then you need to pay for the B1 Test Booking. The payments can be made through e-wallets, bank cash deposit and also through Visa and Master Card Debit or Credit Card. The demand should be made in favor of the British council.
  • The last step is different and it depends on the mode of payment. If you have made the payment through Debit/Credit card, then you need not send or upload any documents. But if you have made the payments through the other two methods then you need to upload the proof of payment in the candidate area of the test taker portal. You will also receive an ILETS application acknowledgment through the mail. This will confirm the date of the examination.

There will be three rounds of the examination which are Listening, Reading and Speaking. The first two will take place on the first day itself but the last one may vary. If it varies then the exam will take place after 1 week of the first two exams.

Along with the B1 English Test Booking confirmation, you will also receive a free preparatory course. And you can also opt for a British Council Teacher by joining the ILETS course. And along with that, you will also have the option of choosing face to face ILETS preparatory courses.