How bike taxi service has emerged in urban areas of India?

For the people who live in the urban parts of India, daily commute through roads is nothing but a nightmare. Congested roads stuffed with a long line of private vehicles and public transport is a regular scene in most of the cities in India. Though the shared mobility like cabs and rickshaws have solved the problem of accessibility, it has only increased the numbers of vehicles on roads. The congestion is one of the main issues that India need to tackle urgently, and bike taxis could be a solution for this rising concern!

Emergence of Bike Taxis in India

The emergence of bike taxis in India has changed the concept of urban mobility. But, the journey of bike-taxis in India has been a constant ride through the ebbs and flows. Bike taxis have been prevalent as a means of public transport in many countries for a long time. However, in India, the motorcycle taxis were mainly limited to states like Goa till 2015. 2015-16 can be considered as the golden period for the bike taxis. A lot of startups have introduced bike taxi services in various cities like Gurgaon, Bangalore, and Delhi, thus spreading the concept at pan India level. Goa was the only state in India which allowed bikes as public service vehicles till 2015. Now, the idea of bike taxis is legalized in as many as eight states to offer an affordable solution to the last-mile and first-mile connectivity problems of public. The move was following a legal notification released by the Central government. When it comes to transport, both the Centre and State governments enforce rules and regulations. 

Bike Taxis as a Mobility Option

The roads in urban India are known for its never-ending traffic jams. As most of the people rely on public transport, they mainly choose shared mobility like cabs and rickshaws even for travelling a short distance. Choosing such vehicles for last-mile connectivity can not only cause you inconvenience but also create unnecessary congestion on the roads. The motorcycle taxis have emerged as a viable option in many cities across the country as it saves your time and money. It is convenient to use and has many strengths of its own like:

  • Faster means of transport
  • Easy navigation through the traffic and congested streets
  • Alternative for private-vehicle users
  • Affordability
  • Hassle-free online booking
  • Employment opportunity

Urban mobility in India has changed with the advent of bike taxis. Despite having a handful of pros, the motorcycle taxis have their challenges. Though the bike taxis are considered as the need of the hour, only a few startups like Rapido and Ola Bikes managed to penetrate the Indian market. These services are not considered as a means of public transport in all the states in India as they require amendment in the rules. Though the cab services have their legal rules and regulations composed by government, the bike taxis don’t have a well-structured legal regulation in most of the states in India. However, the people who used the motor taxi services can undoubtedly say that it is cheaper, faster, and convenient for the last-mile connectivity.