Hotels In Bandung To Stay For Visiting The Bandung Tourist Attractions

Hotels in Bandung are growing day by day due to the increasing number of tourists. So if you are planning to visit the undiscovered location of Bandung, then plan from the very beginning. After all, you are not going to Bandung every time.

Bandung is an Indonesian place with a rich history. If you visit Bandung, you will get to see how nature communicates and protect her children from the trespassers. The long-range of rice field, surrounded by the volcanic mountains, Bandung is the wildest combination of urbanization.

Some of the best places where you can stay in Bandung are:

Bosscha Observatory

It is the oldest Observatory in Indonesia. The hilly location of this observatory is built over six hectors of land. From the hill, you can see the Bandung city.

Bandung Geological Museum

The geological museum is the center of all the previous history of Bandung. One can get all the relevant information on the Bandung city. You will get to see the remnants and documents on the Second World War II records. How the Dutch East India Company attacked the town but could not win over the civilians here due to the volcanic mountains.

Bandung Zoo

Located in Jubileum Park, the Bandung zoo has a collection of a wide variety of animals. Here along with the type of animals. You will get to see some of the exotic local birds in this zoo.

Braga Street

Looking for a place to stay in Bandung? Then Braga Street is the ultimate location for you. Braga Street is the busiest place in Bandung. From flea markets to theatre and dramas, you will see the mixture of both European and traditional cultures. And the hotels in Bandung are very famous for offering all types of foods. Along with the local dishes, you will get to taste your regular foods also. And the best part of Braga Street is you can go to the Dutch shops to buy their local antique pieces for the memories of Bandung.

Masjid Agung Trans Studio

This mall is a treat to the eyes. From the fantastic decorations to the awesome photogenic parks and themed buildings, you will get ideas for your home. So, book the Trans Studio Hotels in Bandung for availing the best of Bandung.

Apart from these places, the Peta Park, NuArt Sculpture Park, and the Gedung Sate are some of the best locations to stay in Bandung, Indonesia. So, hurry up and book the hotels in Bandung right now.