Holiday homes: Why you need one

Have you always fancied a home away from home so you can enjoy all your home comforts whilst having the option to get away to relax? Why not look into purchasing your very own holiday home. Holiday homes are usually located near to the seaside and other local attractions allowing you to enjoy some peace and relaxation.

Still need more convincing? Take a look at our guide into why you need to buy a holiday home.

Live in – Let out

Holiday homes are the perfect reason to go away on a last-minute vacation when you need some well-deserved relaxation from a busy schedule. However, we understand for some people getting away as often as they like may feel like a waste of money. Depending on the holiday parks Snowdonia that you are on, as well as staying in on your holiday’s why not consider also letting it out to others as a little side-earner from your everyday job.

Of course, there are some technicalities if you do wish to let it out to generate personal income such as strict rules from HMRC regarding what qualifies as a holiday let or home.

Where to start

Holiday homes come in all shapes and sizes and if you are not planning to let our your holiday home immediately, it’s a priority to put your needs first. Although it makes sense to future-proof your holiday home, it is mostly about your comfort and how much you are going to get out of your holiday home, to how much money you spend on it. Whilst you can opt for a quiet and quaint cottage in a beautiful rural town, you are however stuck with its location. However, if you opt for choosing lodges Bala, you are able to relocate parks if you so wish.


Whilst for many areas second homes are the norm, be careful as in some areas second home bans are in place, such as St Ives in Cornwall, where this has already been enforced. It is thought that similar measures could be put into place in other high demand holiday destinations where local housing has now become unaffordable for locals. Although there are no prohibitions of the sale of second properties so far, there may be restrictions in the future allowing only people that work or live in areas local to second properties.


To make your holiday home as comfortable as your first home, it is important to get all the essentials in place to make your stay as pleasant as possible. This includes, a fast internet connection, heating, accessible parking, and shops and attractions within easy walking distance. As well as the interior of your home it is important that you also have easy to maintain outdoor space to allow you to enjoy evenings outside without the need to maintain the exterior every time you visit – which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea when on a break!