Golf Course Coaching in Queenstown

Golf courses in Queenstown are becoming the new big thing. With the construction of Queenstown Lakeside’s new golf course, the town is learning how to play this game which has been a part of life in Scotland and England for generations. The 21-acre course on Lake Wakatipu, with views over to Mt Remarkable, was opened by golfing legend Jack Nicklaus. Improving your golf swing at Millbrook Resort with the best instructors in the area can be one of your to-do lists in Queenstown.

Golf courses in Queenstown

Golf coaching at Millbrook resort

The Golf Course in Queenstown unique design includes wide fairways that make it easy for golfers who have never played before to enjoy their first day at a golf club. Without worrying if they’ll struggle out on them or not, as there is plenty of room for error when playing around here, unlike what might be found on other courses.

With three courses already in operation, it’s clear that this sport is gaining popularity across Queenstown.

Springdale golf club

The Springdale Golf Club is home to some of the country’s most challenging fairways if you’re looking for a more laid-back course. The system was officially opened in 2011, and the club has already hosted the New Zealand Open, which is one of the top two golf tournaments in New Zealand.

In recent years it has attracted golfers from more than ten countries, and its 700 members have helped make it one of New Zealand’s top 18-hole golf courses.

Gisborne golf course

For those wanting to learn the game, Gisborne has refurbished its 18-hole championship course adding several new holes and making it a delightful place for visitors from afar to take up this sport. The club is home to over 5,000 members who play at the course weekly.

Golfing in New Zealand’s oldest town also allows golfers to socialize and meet new people, allowing them to improve their golf skills at courses that have continually been ranked among the best in New Zealand.

Papakura golf club

The Papakura Golf Club features a world-class 18-hole championship course with old-growth native trees and stunning views. However, the club has seen some high-quality additions lately, including its new 9th hole, built specifically to test golfers’ ability to grip their shots and putts out on the green.

Papakura Golf Club has numerous junior players who enjoy using its facilities, especially those already playing with the club’s older residents.


There are plenty of golf course in queenstown including those in Auckland, which hold an excellent reputation for being among New Zealand’s best and most famous golf clubs. Still, they all feature challenging fairways, requiring players to swing harder.

Queenstown Lakeside features a new type of fairway for those who are new to the game and is accessible for golfers of all abilities as well.