Genuine Culture at Albatera Village

Albatera village lies around Vega Baja within the province of Alicante. Its small population of 9,000 speaks mainly Spanish having a couple of Catalan. This medium-sized historic site may be demonstrated up at easily using the Murcia and Alicante airports.

Beautiful views

Albatera visitors will enjoy the attractive sights within the River Segura beneath the astounding Sierra de Crevillent peaks. An average Mediterranean climate with very little rain makes this idyllic village a tourist haven many of the year.

When Albatera aligned with Alicante province in 1833, it flourished getting its agriculture since the River Segura provided the best irrigation waters because of its crops. Then, pig farming contributed heavily with this particular village’s economy now, commerce and industry have overshadowed these traditional activities. Nonetheless, many canals and irrigation channels are really built which form a more sophisticated network over the village’s farming space. Lemons, dates and vegetables abound in this region.

Historic breakthroughs

There is many artifacts discovered in Albatera that have confirmed pre-historic settlements dating back to the next century BC once the Romans setup the first irrigation channels. Within the fifth century, the Arabs needed charge of Albatera until Alfonso X re-overcome the village in 1266. Then, in1296, the King of Aragon created his kingdom with Albatera, Cox and Crevillente.

Modern Albatera

Today, Albatera is superbly engrossed in lush palms lining its wide roads within the famous whitewashed homes. A 1729 parochial church is dependant on the center within the plaza as being a persistence for your famous apostle, Santiago, through getting an elaborately decorated baroque entrance created in stone. There’s a vintage casino and city hall within the plaza area too.

You can behold the great great factor about nature throughout Albatera. There are many wetlands, plains and hillsides while using the municipal park – Park of Orchards comprising 30,000 square meters of gorgeous flora, a fountain along with a lake with a lot of well-marked walking routes.

For individuals wishing a golfing technique, Albatera offers a high quality componen course at its Golf and Country Club use additionally try their hands at tennis, riding or shooting activities.

Albatera suits its residents with greater Spanish schools to teach its children. It’s famous as being a real Spanish town that’s steep in traditions, inculcating good Spanish values to everyone who live there.


A few in the popular and exciting festivals that are celebrated in Albatera would be the St. James festival in this particular summer time time. A Moorish along with a Christian festival, the St. James festival could be a week-extended celebration where novice bull fighters try their hands inside the activity with youthful bulls. You such as the tranquility found in Albatera with a lot of activities and sights to help keep occupied.