Four Ways to Make your Favourite Pizza a Healthy Meal Option


Sure, making your own pizza at home is a great way to eat a healthy pizza. You will have control over the calories, sodium, and fat you can incorporate into your pizza. While pizza can be unhealthy, the majority of foods can be harmful to health if you are not careful about the ingredients. But, this does not mean all pizzas from your favourite shop are unhealthy. The trick is to make the right choices when order pizza for delivery. If you want to order a healthy pizza from your favourite restaurant, here are some tips to guide you:

Minimise the Cheese

When you order pizza stuffed with too much cheese, you would expect to get at least 20 calories, around 100 mg of sodium, and 2 gm of fat in every slice. In terms of cheese, just keep in mind that extra, double, or triple amounts will increase the fat, calories, and sodium. Thankfully, livraison Double Pizza will eliminate your worry about the cheese. Double Pizza can create pizzas with minimal cheese but maximum healthy toppings and inclusions. 

Order a Medium-Sized Pizza

Instead of ordering a large pizza, consider a medium-sized one. You can benefit from having to eat by slices. With this size, you tend to get smaller slices. A big slice of cheese pizza from a big pizza chain can have at least 250 calories while a medium slice from the same place has a little over 200. But, if you tend to eat pizza as a treat for yourself, a big slice won’t hurt your health. In fact, it may be an energy booster. 

Choose Thin Crust

A deep-dish or pan-style pizza contains lots of calories and fat. Opting for a thin-crust version will usually reduce the number of calories and fat. But, most pizza lovers prefer thin crust, whether or not they are conscious about calories and fat. 

Pick Veggies Instead of Meat

Pizzas with vegetable toppings are healthier than those with meat. Most pizza places will provide vegetable choices such as tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, and peppers. You can mix and match your vegetables to determine the best and healthiest combination for you. And if you just cannot ditch the meat altogether, you can order a pizza with both veggies and meat. Meat is not bad at all as long as eaten in moderation. 

Eating pizza can be healthy if you don’t eat too much of it and avoid fatty toppings. It’s just about tweaking how you order your favourite pizza to make it a healthy choice for your next meal.